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What should I wear with a maxi skirt or midi skirt?

Wearing a maxi/midi skirt is a great way to achieve a feminine and glamorous fashion style. But we should keep in mind that the key to finding the right maxi/midi skirt is to consider our body shape. The best maxi/...

Wearing a maxi/midi skirt is a great way to achieve a feminine and glamorous fashion style. But we should keep in mind that the key to finding the right maxi/midi skirt is to consider our body shape. The best maxi/ midi skirt design for us is suitable to our type of figure no matter if we want to get maxi or midi skirt.

When it comes to maxi and midi skirts proportions are important. We should pay attention to the skirt length. Sometimes just a few inches shorter or longer makes a huge difference so when shopping for a midi/maxi dress we should pick up the right length.

Generally, the best looking maxi skirt and midi skirt is below the knee. The goal is to choose such a skirt that doesn’t make us shorter but taller instead.

Midi or maxi skirt?

Midi skirt is slightly shorter than the maxi skirt but not as short as the mini skirt. The hem of the midi skirts ends halfway down the calf (just between the ankle and the knee).

This skirt type enhances the curves of the hips and the backside. It also makes our waist appear slimmer and brings the focus on our shoes. So if you want to bring the attention on your shoes, pick up a midi skirt.

A maxi skirt on the other hand brings a boho/hippie vibe with itself and it makes up a really enchanting look ideal for both spring and summer seasons.

If you want to learn how to wear both of these skirts, we will give you some tips here which are the best designs and how to combine them.

Best midi skirt fashion designs

High-waisted midi skirt

If you want to make your legs look amazing, this type of skirt is a great option since it fits well all body types. It’s suitable for both tall and petite women and it can be either worn at either casual or semi-formal events. If your body is apple or pear-shaped, a high-waisted midi skirt will help you visually lengthen your legs and achieve well-balanced body proportions.

Full midi skirt

This one is probably the most feminine-looking midi dress of all types. It looks very chic and it can be worn at official event. If you are looking for ways to grab the attention and make a statement with your outfit, full midi dress is the right way to do  this. When combined with the right top and accessories the full midi skirt can be really elegant. The disadvantage of this skirt is that it’s more suitable for women with slim body shape.

A-line-midi skirt

Midi skirts with an A-line structure are great for women with different body types which makes them a unique choice for a skirt model. Depending on the design and color, an A-line midi skirt can cover wide hips or visually create curves in a slim body. Button-down A-line midi skirts offer a very stylish and classic look.

Pleated midi skirt

If you are looking for a posh and romantic fashion style, the pleated midi skirt is the exact thing you need. This type of midi skirt comes in different fabrics and styles (street, fancy, elegant). They can be either flowy and lightweight or heavy. It combines well with an oversized chunky sweater.

If you have a pear-shaped body, pleated midi skirt made of light fabrics that rests at the waist is the best option for you. If you are slim and have a banana/box shape body, the best type of midi skirt for you is such with a tight-fitting design. It will add more shape and length to your body figure.

Pencil cut midi skirt

This kind of midi skirt creates a high waistline and enhances the curves of our silhouette which achieves a really classy and feminine look. One tip to wear a pencil cut midi skirt outfit is to tuck the top in the midi skirt which “adds curves” to our body and helps us create the illusion of an hourglass body shape. You can add a belt to highlight the waistline and finish this feminine look.

Fabrics for a midi skirt


Born in the 80s denim seems like it will never go out of fashion ever since. Match your denim midi skirt with a loose-fitting cropped blouse or a tight-fitting top in bold color or pattern that will contradict the plain denim fabric on the bottom.

Other midi skirt options are frilly skirts, velvet skirts, button down skirts. Be careful when accessorizing these styles of midi skirts. Pick up your tops in plain design in order to bring the attention to the midi skirt.

Tops for a midi skirt

Midi skirts match well with:

  • snug fitting crop tops
  • loose blouses
  • button-up shirts
  • graphic tees
  • oversized leather jackets


  • Wide- brimmed sun hats
  • pendant necklaces
  • bangles

Shoes for a midi skirt

Midi skirts are great for showing off our shoes and drawing the attention to the lower part of the body:

  • High heels and wedges are probably the best shoe types for midi skirts of different designs
  • Another option are chunky heels which provide an elevation making us look taller and they balance our whole outfit
  • Strappy sandals/boots and ankle boots are perfect for creating a casual finish
  • Lace-up shoes help us get the effect of longer legs when wearing a midi skirt. They also help us get a gradual transition between the skirt, bare calf skin and the shoes.They add a feminine chic to our outfit upgrading it to a new level
  • Sneakers are also an option if you want to get a casual urban style
  • Just avoid basic flats and flip-flops as these are doing the opposite of making an eye-catching beautiful outfit

Best maxi skirt ideas

Maxi skirts also come in variety of designs and we have a maxi skirt for every occasion or mood. If you are short, combine your chosen type of maxi skirt with high-heeled shoes.

Black is cool

You cannot make a mistake with black when picking up the next maxi dress for your collection. It’s a versatile and elegant color.

Go floral

Floral patterns in maxi skirts are perfect for getting a bohemian style outfit.

High-waisted maxi skirts

This type of maxi makes our legs look longer. Because this skirt enhances our lower half, it’s good to create balance in this look with a top I minimalistic style.

Crop tops and bralettes in a neutral shade are excellent for this purpose. We can wear them tucked in the skirt or tied in a knot. You can pick up the maxi skirt in bold color or print given our top is in simple style.

Pleated maxi skirts

A pleated maxi skirt always grabs the attention. For special events pick up a maxi skirt in a thick fabric and wide pleats. If you want a modern style outfit choose a plisse maxi skirt and pair it with high heels to balance it.

Maxi skirt with a slit

If we want a sexy outfit ideal for a night-out r cocktail party, a maxi skirt with a slit is an excellent choice. This type of skirt offers freedom when walking. For casual events you can pick up a maxi skirt with a slit that starts high on the thigh and for formal events pick a skirt with a slit starting from the knee. Other suitable choices fabric for a maxi dress are denim, chiffon and tulle.


This type of material never goes out of fashion. A very unique look is the combination of a logo T-shirt with a denim maxi skirt with frayed hems and high-heeled boots.


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