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Women Skirts

You are looking for a modern and elegant skirt that is comfortable and of high quality?  You will find what you need and more in the rich catalog of Locker room fashion store. Locker room is a fashion store that offers high quality women clothing suitable for different occasions.

No matter if you are searching elegant skirts for the office, stylish and modern night or comfy outfit for home, here you will find clothes suitable for every occasion. They are suitable for the busy everyday.

Some of the clothing items in this store can be worn both in the office and the night club and still having a stylish modern look.

The main purpose of Locker room is to offer its clients quality clothing that makes them feel comfortable, confident in their own skin everyday and follows the latest fashion trends.

What type of skirts Locker room offers?

All skirts are handmade and this guarantees their high quality and durability. The store offers:

  • high waist long loose skirts
  • high waist A-line midi skirts
  • autumn floor length cotton skirts
  • floor length suspenders skirts
  • wrap maxi  A-line bridesmaid skirt
  • A-line wedding midi high waist skirts
  • pencil high waist midi skirts with pockets.

The store also offers tulle skirts, extravagant long loose skirts, long loose autumn skirts, maxi tulle skirts. They are offered in different colors: black, white, black and white, yellow, purple, royal blue, red.  

The long ladies skirts with a high waist are offered in different colors - royal blue, black, red, yellow and other colors which add to a complete fashionable outlook. Some of the skirt models are even suitable for pregnant women since they are made of loose fitting and extra comfortable materials.

What material they are made of?

All the skirts offered in the store are hand made and their materials are breathable and durable. They contain high grade cotton, elastane, tulle, polyester, viscose, leatherette. The quality of their materials makes them comfortable for wearing in different seasons.

Fashion tendencies

Tube skirts, maxi skirts, wrap skirts, denim skirts, casual skirts – we cannot go wrong with these types.

Fashion combinations

Skirts are perfect clothing if we want to make ourselves taller as they make the legs look longer, puts the main focus on the waist and makes the wide hip look smaller.

By wearing a skirt we effortlessly can achieve a more feminine overall look without adding too much details. This skirt with a simple and cute design makes us feel like a fashion icon.

Skirts are very convenient clothing option since they can be worn in a variety of combinations. Since there are different types of skirts, they can be picked up in a variety of occasions. We get very classy outfit when we combine a pencil skirt with a trenchcoat and a rock outfit when combining short skirt with a leather jacket.

We can wear pencil skirts also in combination with knee-high boots or flat sandals rocking a stylish look in the warm weather. Pencil skirts can be worn with pullovers or polo shirts  in the winter or with simple T-shirts in the summer. Adding a sleek coat to a pencil skirt gives a perfect office look.

High waist midi skirt

This type of skirt gives us chic feminine look and we can wear it literally everywhere and look amazing every time no matter the occasion. We can wear it at the office, at a first date, birthday party or just casual shopping trip.

As a big bonus, you can wear it with flats and still look elegant, but comfortable. Fabric is silky cotton that feels great on your skin.

When choosing a skirt it’s important to know that since it has a high waist we should know the exact measure of the natural waist. If we don’t know our size and decide to pick up an inch smaller or bigger, we are risking to get a skirt that doesn’t fit our rig.

Some of the skirts offered by Locker room have zippers and pockets which adds up to their convenience and comfortable wear.

How to order?

Locker room fashion store offers easy and quick order and all the clothes there are made to order.  This fashion store is shipping worldwide.

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