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Women’s Pants

You are searching for stylish and comfortable pants that look stunning? Check out the variety of fashionable range of women’s pants in Locker room. Locker room is a fashionable store that offers high quality clothing that is suitable for women of different ages who want to express their style in a modern and unique way.   

Locker room offers concept fashion for confident women. In this store you can find quality stylish pants of different sizes and designs. Some of the pants are loose fitting and made of ultra comfortable flexible materials which makes them perfect for pregnant women. They offer freedom to the body while giving us modern and stylish look wherever we go.

What types of pants Locker room offers?

  • Wide leg loose boho pants in harem style
  • drop crotch wide leg pants in harem style
  • casual drop crotch harem style pants
  • extravagant casual low crotch unisex pants with side pockets
  • loose casual drop crotch harem pants
  • harem style hippie wide leg women drop crotch pants
  • palazzo harem wide leg pants in hippie style
  • harem hippie wide leg denim drop crotch
  • wide leg loose harem boho pants
  • summer harem drop crotch wide leg low waist pants
  • harem style linen summer with mid waist pants
  • harem linen summer with high waist pants
  • drop crotch harem style pants
  • linen loose pants
  • loose fit harem pants
  • urban chic pants
  • many more

No matter if you need elegant and classy outfit for the office or casual outfit for the Sunday walk – Locker room has all the outfits for you.

What materials they are made of?

Locker room offers hand made pairs of pants with materials of amazing quality that endure tear and wear and look like new even after many years of washing cycles. They are made of high grade cotton, polyester, denim, linen. Even after a few years the clothes from this store look as if they are new.

Fashion combinations

Here are a few combos we can apply in our everyday style:

Wide leg harem boho pants in palazzo style

These trendy pants can be easily combined with an extravagant top and stylish feminine heels. The only thing missing here is a statement bag to completely finish the fantastic modern look.  No matter if you are going to a home party, to the club or work, you will look glamorous.

Harem wide leg denim drop crotch pants in harem style

This type of pants can be easily styled with an elegant top and high heels. If we strive to perfection adding a warm stylish coat and an extravagant bag as a perfect pair, will finish our total stylish look. Locker room offers such pants design that has pockets on the front and the back sides. That makes them very convenient for daily wear and practical fashion choice.

Palazzo Harem Boho wide leg pants

These pants are perfect for achieving an edgy summer look. When combined with a stylish top, high heels and fancy-looking bag our gorgeous look is complete.

Harem linen summer mid waist pants

This casual summer look can be combined with a stylish bag, elegant top and high heels for an extravagant look.

Fashion trends

Pants come in different style designs, shapes and sizes which makes them perfect for combining with different clothing items. Pants can also add a feminine chick to our style.

Every woman needs one or two fashion pieces in her wardrobe that are suitable for all occasions. Such are the trendy pants by Locker room. Now patterned pants are super trendy. In fashion are also boho pants, tartan, check pants, leather pants.  

How to order?

Because Locker room fashion store values the time and convenience of their customers, one of their main priorities is to deliver their chosen clothing items as fast as possible and at an affordable price.

They don’t make any compromise in the quality of their products and that I why their prices are definitely worthy. One evidence for this are the numerous satisfied customers of the store.

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