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Women Jackets

You are looking for a comfortable and elegant jacket that makes you feel and look amazing? Check out the rich catalog of women’s coats and jackets of Locker room fashion store. Here you can find comfortable and fashionable women jackets suitable for any season. The fashion store offers women jackets of different sizes, designs and materials.

Locker room doesn’t make any compromise in the quality of the products they offer. One of the store’s main priorities is to make their customers feel comfortable and confident in the clothes they have chosen. The jackets fit like a glove and that is why their quality is valued by many happy customers.

Locker room’s jackets are suitable for pregnant women too because their materials are super comfortable and offer 100% comfort and freedom during the whole day no matter the weather.

No matter if we want to achieve classy and simple look or look more edgy and fashionable, Locker room offers us jackets for every occasion or mood.

What types of jackets Locker room offers?

  • Winter navy blue quilted puffer coats
  • asymmetric extravagant winter long cape coats
  • extravagant autumn maxi hooded raincoats
  • extravagant asymmetric long sleeveless vests with side pockets
  • long winter wool maxi plus size trench rain coats
  • long plus size denim trench coat cardigans in cimono style
  • maxi trench coats
  • leatherette women trench coats
  • oversize asymmetric neoprene coats
  • casual winter loose coats
  • extravagant cashmere loose coats
  • extravagant loose cardigans
  • oversize asymmetric neoprene coats
  • other

Some of the store’s coats are lined and some are equipped with warm collars. They are offered in the colors black, white, red. Also some of the coats in Locker room store are fitted with front pockets for extra comfort and their materials offer extra warmth and can be worn at different occasions.

What materials they are made of?

Locker room’s  jackets are made to order. They are made of high quality neoprene, cotton, cashmere, wool and other fabrics ensuring comfortable feeling no matter how long they are worn throughout the day.  Their materials are breathable and ultra stretchable which guarantees us great comfort all day long. The numerous satisfied customers of the store prove that their clothing line is of highest quality.

All the jackets by Locker room are hand made and of amazing quality. Their materials look as if they are new after years of use.

Fashionable jacket combinations

Oversize asymmetric neoprene coat

This kind of coat is excellent for creating different trendy looks. We can wear this type of jacket in literally every season since it’s not too thick or too thin and it’s perfect for layering. We can combine it with different shoes to get a new look every time. With this jacket by simply changing tops and bottoms we can achieve completely different look in every season.

Casual winter coat

It can be worn with a pair of sneakers for a sporty look or be combined with stylish boots, pumps or other type of high heels for a gorgeous fashionable look in the autumn.

Cashmere loose coat

This coat will not only keep you warm but also give you an amazing fashionable winter look.  Locker room offers such jacket model made of cashmere, wool and cotton which makes it a total must have for the winter season. It combines perfectly with jeans, leggings, colorful pumps or boots

What are the jackets’ fashion trends?

Checkered, striped and leather jackets are super trendy now. When combined with the right accessories jackets can turn us into fashion icons.

How to order?

Locker room  offers its customers quick and easy order saving them both time and money. This store ships worldwide. The delivery is quick- it comes to the customer’s address within 3-5 days.

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