What type of clothing would suit a thin and short girl?

What type of clothing would suit a thin and short girl?

What type of clothing would suit a thin and short girl?

You are short in height and wonder what type of clothing suits you best? If you are a petite girl, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear your favourite types of clothes. There are plenty of fashion options for you. You just have to wear them with the right accessories and stylize smartly.

When it comes to fashion, each body type has its advantages and disadvantages. This is also true for the petite body shape. If you have such a body shape, your goal is to appear...

Short, medium or long skirts?

Short, medium or long skirts?

How to choose the right length of skirt for us?

The skirt is one of the most feminine fashion pieces a woman can own and they come in all designs, colors and styles. Almost every woman has one in her wardrobe. There are skirts for every body type, mood and season. Besides the color and the fabric, we need to choose the right length of our skirt.


This is more of a matter of personal preference. The choice should depend on our requirement for comfort . Other determining factors are of course the season, the occasion...

What is the difference between Jean Skirt and Denim Skirt?

What is the difference between Jean Skirt and Denim Skirt?


Almost every woman in the world owns a pair of jeans, skirt  or denim skirt. Denim is one of the most popular materials and besides being comfortable, it also looks good too. They offer both fashionable style and convenience and that is one of the reasons why these types of skirts are among our favourite wardrobe staples.

Jean Skirt

Sometimes people call jeans denim and vice versa. These two terms are one of the most confused in the clothing industries around the world. They are sometimes called interchangeably in the world of fashion but this...

What should I wear with a maxi skirt or midi skirt?

Wearing a maxi/midi skirt is a great way to achieve a feminine and glamorous fashion style. But we should keep in mind that the key to finding the right maxi/midi skirt is to consider our body shape. The best maxi/ midi skirt design for us is suitable to our type of figure no matter if we want to get maxi or midi skirt.

When it comes to maxi and midi skirts proportions are important. We should pay attention to the skirt length. Sometimes just a few inches shorter or longer makes a huge difference so when shopping for a...

How to be more comfortable wearing skirts/dresses? 800-1000

If you love fashion, then your wardrobe is 100% likely to contain short dresses. Choosing to wear a short skirt adds instant fashion style to our outfit in an effortless way. Women like wearing skirts / dresses because it makes them fell feminine and fashionable.

Dress or skirt- which one is better?

Both are great clothing staples depending on how they are accessorized and matched with other clothing of course. The short skirt is always in fashion and it is a timeless wardrobe staple. You won’t regret if you try out this on-trend wardrobe item. Short skirts with...