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Women Activewear

You want to look sporty and stylish in the same time? You want to make a good impression with an amazing stylish appearance wherever you go? There is a place where you can find everything you need when it comes to quality active wear – Locker room store.

Locker room offers a rich catalog of high quality active wear for every mood and occasion. The main reason this store puts the quality of their products at first place is the satisfaction of their customers. It’s important for them to know that their customers feel good wearing their clothing line.

Locker room store offers high quality active wear clothes designed for women who wants convenience and freedom in their busy lives while being stylish and elegant at the same time. The store’s active wear is even suitable for pregnant women who need clothes that are super comfortable, loose and don’t limit their movements.

The store doesn’t want to make any compromise with the quality of its products. If you are not too much into skintight active wear but want something more loose and comfy instead, then Locker room activewear collection is right for you.

Although Locker room’s active wear falls in the sports clothes category, we can wear it almost anywhere. This active wear can be worn not only when going to a Sunday walk, but also to a party with friends or casual shopping trip making us feeling both comfy and modern.

What types of active wear Locker room offers?

Locker room offers the following one piece and two piece sets:

  • track harem pants and track jackets
  • loose midi tunic dresses
  • casual tracksuit sets
  • loose track suits in different colors.

They are offered in all shapes and sizes in different colors, designs that suit women of different ages. You can choose from the color black, white, grey, blue, yellow. They have a unique modern design that can help us express ourselves in a stylish sporty way.

What materials they are made of?

Locker room store offers only high quality active wear clothes made of high grade materials that have long life. They are made of viscose and elastane.

Their materials are super flexible and offer freedom in every movement. Locker room’s active wear are suitable for different types of high performance sport activities thanks to their simple and comfortable design and amazing materials.

Fashionable active wear combinations

Their simple and elegant design makes them perfect for combining with different clothing pieces and accessories.

Loose midi tunic dress

Perfect for combining with a pair of sneakers or trainers and small fashion  details like jewelry or sport-style bag as it has a sporty loose design. Its simple design makes it excellent for adding a few details to it in the spring or summer season.

Loosy NY tracksuit

This type of tracksuit has a loose asymmetric design which gives us elegant and sleek look. On the other hand its big front pockets add to the overall edgy look and help us feel comfortable.

When combined with the loose black trousers from the same active wear set this tracksuit takes your feeling of comfort to  another level. It helps you stand out from the crowd with a unique active wear style that is both comfortable and stylish.

We can combine this tracksuit model with our favourite pair of statement shoes. By adding a cross body sport bag or stylish clutch bag we will achieve a unique fashionable outfit that will cause people turning after us every time.

What are the latest active wear trends?

Straight or diagonal stripes, floral prints, logo ad lettering prints are the latest active wear rend now.

How to order?

The fashion store Locker room ships worldwide and offers its customers quick and easy order process. All of its active wear items are made to order.

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