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Women Tops

You want to be stylish and look comfortable at the same time? You want to achieve  a unique and stunning style in your clothing without sacrificing your comfort? You will find amazing range of women tops that suit your amazing style. Locker room is a fashion store chain that offers rich variety of high quality clothes for women who want to express themselves with a unique fashion style and feel confident, comfortable and stylish in the same time.  

The quality of the clothes  is due to the fact that the tops are handmade and this guarantees their durability to tear and wear.  Locker room offers women clothes for both everyday wear and special occasions.

The purpose of Locker room is to offer its clients comfortable tops that makes them look and feel beautiful and also super comfortable all the time.

What type of tops Locker room offers?

You can find here high find high quality tops in different colors. They are made of materials and offer different style  designs . They are offered in black, white, grey,   green and also in  different color combinations like black and white combination and other colors.

There are tops in different sizes and styles that suit all body types and fashion preferences. You can find here plus size clothes that are suitable for pregnant women and their materials offer high level of comfort.

Locker room clothes store offer a variety of high quality tops for women.

  • Leatherette loose shirts
  • asymetric loose shirts
  • winter long sleeved tunics
  • maxi loose tunic dress
  • long tunics with long sleeves
  • loose long tunic tops
  • loose shirt tops
  • extravagant oversize asymmetric viscose knitted open blouses
  • maxi overall winter scarfs
  • loose long tunic tops
  • asymmetric extravagant shirts
  • denim shirts with long sleeves
  • loose midi summer dresses
  • summer shirts blouses
  • summer sleeveless summer tank tops with prints
  • summer crop tops
  • summer tank tops
  • summer neoprene dresses and many more kinds of tops.

When it comes to design here you can find tops with classic design and such that follow the latest fashion tendencies.

What materials Lockerroom tops are made of?

Locker room’s clothes are made of different high grade materials that offer durability and comfort. Thanks to the fact that they are hand-made you can be sure that these clothes will last and look amazing even after numerous washing cycles.


The store offers tops made of class cotton that has high endurance to wear and tear offers us comfort in any season or situation. Their materials are breathable which ensures we feel comfortable wearing them in the hot summer time.

The other materials are leatherette, viscose, chiffon, polyester, elastane, soft cotton knit, linen .

What are the recent fashion trends?

The combination of leather and jeans is in fashion. Different types of lettering and animation prints are also fashionable.

Fashion combinations

We can combine tops with so many different types of clothing and the options are endless. Some of the tops have classic shape simple one color design and this makes them perfect for combining with sneakers or high heels giving us edgy and modern look. Their simple and elegant well-balanced design makes them suitable for wearing day and night. In either case we will look ultra stylish and modern.

Maxi loose tunics put the focus on our legs and that is why they are perfect for combining with colorful sneakers or boots that gives amazing accent to our overall look.

Tunic dresses are perfect for pregnant women who need comfort but still want to be modern. They can be also paired with leggings or jeans in the cold weather. Long tunics and loose jeans look perfect with stylish high heels.

Shirt tops can be worn together with skinny jeans, leggings or trousers.  This makes a stylish combination that is suitable for the office, school or evening date.

How to order?

This clothes store ships worldwide and offers easy and quick order process. They ship all orders within 3-5 days and they use DHL express worldwide.

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