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Are long skirts still in trend?

  You like to wear skirts but wonder if it's fashionable to wear long skirts .The answer to this question  is yes. Long skirts are still fashionable and we cannot go wrong with a properly combined long skirt. Long skirts...


You like to wear skirts but wonder if it's fashionable to wear long skirts .The answer to this question  is yes. Long skirts are still fashionable and we cannot go wrong with a properly combined long skirt. Long skirts are making a comeback and this long skirts trend will definitely stay.

One of their main advantages is that they are super comfortable which makes them perfect for everyday wear. Long skirts are practical and suitable for different types of body types depending on their design.

Are long skirts still in trend?

They offer us a perfect combination between femininity, practicality, elegance and comfort. Since their fabrics are lightweight, they are a suitable summer option. They always help us achieve a smart and chick look in any season.

Long skirts come in all designs, styles, fabrics and colors denim, checks, design skirt and other styles. They are very similar to maxi skirts. Maxi skirts are the best way to achieve a stylish, comfy and breezy summer look.

Another advantage of long skirts is that they are very versatile. Long skirts can be combined in many different ways, different details and we can never run out of options.

Are long skirts still in trend?

Long skirts also suit any body type as long as we combine it with the right clothing pieces. Long skirts come in all shapes, sizes, colors and prints. When it comes to accessorizing  a long skirt we should remember that ‘less is more’.

Choosing to wear a long skirt is the perfect way to achieve a casual fashionable look that is suitable for different occasions. There are some rules to follow when picking a long skirt.

Choosing a long skirt according to body type

It is true that long skirts suit tall women but women with different body types can take advantage of long skirts as long as they make wise fashion decisions. We should remember that long skirts should be according to our height. When choosing the right long skirt, we may need some hemming or just experiment with the lengths.

If you are tall, you can use the long skirt to disguise your feet and make yourself visually shorter. If you are short, choose your long skirt to be just a few inches above the ankle or below the ankle in order to get the illusion of a taller body. High heels can be helpful here.

Tall women can choose long skirts with a variety of patterns and prints. They can choose long skirts in bold and neutral tones, printed skirt designs, slim-cut skirt s. For women with short or petit figures, best choice are lightweight long skirts paired with tight-fitting tops of the same shade. They should avoid large prints or heavy full skirted designs.

For a day in the office or shopping  can combine long skirts with basic and neutral fashion pieces. For a night out with friends you can opt for elegant accessories and jewellery to achieve a sophisticated glam style. It’s important to know that we should pick up the clothes according to the style of the skirt, not the other way round as it’s the main star in our total outfit.


There are numerous combinations between tops and long skirts. Our only job is to pick up the right combination for our body type and personality too.

Are long skirts still in trend?

The first option is a classic one- a long skirt with a black or white basic crop top. By choosing the top in plain style we have the freedom to pick up our long skirt with more colors or in a bold print. This combination is ideal for the everyday city life.Long skirts are best combined with a solid round neck or tops with floral patterns or other type of pattern. By choosing a top with an interesting pattern we can make our maxi skirt to really stand out.

Are long skirts still in trend?

Add to this a statement necklace or a sling bag with some decorations  to get a glamorous look perfect for going out at night.

If you like basic style instead , you can choose your long skirt in neutral colors. Basic style long skirts combine well with graphic tees or net tops. Now long chiffon maxi skirts are trendy.  With their voluminous design they fall in the category of fashionable long skirts. They combine best with plunging V necks or tight-fitting crop tops.

Crop tops are a perfect way to get an attractive look without showing too much skin. Combining a crop top with a long skirts is a good way to be both classy and sexy.

During the winter season you can pair your long skirt with knitted clothes and ankle high boots . Pick up your favourite sweater in one color and combine it with a stylish long skirt of a similar color.  You can choose your long skirt to be made of leather which adds up to an amazing outfit for the cold season. With this combination you can stay warm but be ultra chic and elegant at the same time.  There is an unmistakable boho/hippie vibe to a long skirt that makes it incomparable fashion staple.

Are long skirts still in trend?

For night –out with friends you can pick up a long skirt with metallic fabrics which are super trendy right now. Long skirts with sequins or beads decorations are also a good choice for going out at night. Pair a  fitted solid black top with a metallic long skirt and you will look amazing for the night party. Black crop tops can be combined with maxi skirts too. Both the tight top and the skirt can be of one color but of different texture which definitely looks amazing and makes up a very simple and yet chic look.

Add to this combination a pair of hoops, stylish bag  and your smart  outfit is complete. But you cannot go wrong with the timeless combination of white top and a black long skirt too.

Plain white tops on the other hand offer a casual summery style that looks great when combined with a long skirt. We can pick up the top in a plain design and the skirt with a floral, striped or printed design-it’s up to us.  Floral printed long  skirts pair well with white crop tops.


Graphic white tees or off the shoulder white tees in a minimalistic style look great when paired with a long skirt in pastel colors. Boxy plain tees are also a good choice.


Are long skirts still in trend?

An elegant shirt adds structure to our long skirt outfit. We can wear this look either at an office party, to work or a coffee with friends. A basic style white shirt can be combined with many types of long skirts. No matter if the skirt has stripes, floral pattern or some print, it will look great with a white shirt. Add a studded necklace that goes around the shirt  collar to this outfit to make it complete.

Are long skirts still in trend?

Denim shirts are another great choice that combines well with long skirts. If your shirt is denim, pick up your skirt in pink or nude color or floral pattern for a both girly and elegant look. If you are looking for an office outfit, you can choose a shirt with a fitted  and structured design and pair it with a long skirt in white, black or nude color. Add a cardigan or blazer and your professional office look is achieved.

Are long skirts still in trend?

And to get a night-out outfit, just remove the blazer and add a pair of sleek high heels and you are ready for party.



Are long skirts still in trend?

Blouses have a feminine romantic vibe to them. They are perfect for everyday wear and also afternoon parties. We can wear a short tunic or a longer shirt over the long skirt. Choose the blouse to be in a simple design and neutral color. Long skirts pair well with mandarin collar blouses or tie up blouses.  It’s important that your long skirt is well-fitted in order to avoid getting a somewhat shabby look. Long skirts made of silk or another similar material give a structured look to our outfit.

Are long skirts still in trend?

Simple black or white blouse also goes well with a long skirt in bright solid colors. Add just one statement piece to this look and you are ready.


For formal events the best options are sandals, simple design high heels, For a day in the city, wear your long skirt with sneakers, boots, flats.


Are long skirts still in trend?

Besides blazers and cardigans, you can pair your long skirt with a leather jacket in the fall/winter season. Leather jackets are so versatile and they are great urban fashion option.

Are long skirts still in trend?

Wear this combination with a well-fitted white or black top. You can pick up your jacket in any color you want-black, grey, green, blue, metallic, tan leather. Pick up your long skirt to be basic solid.


As we have already said less is more when it comes to long skirts. Don’t add  too much accessories if the long skirt is colorful or already has an eye-catching pattern.




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