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What boots to wear with tunic dress?

Tunics are such type of clothing that is really versatile and it can be worn in combination with almost anything and still look good. But so are shoes too. A pair of shoes can really brighten or completely sabotage our...


Tunics are such type of clothing that is really versatile and it can be worn in combination with almost anything and still look good. But so are shoes too. A pair of shoes can really brighten or completely sabotage our outfit depending on the design we are going to choose. To avoid spoiling our look we should pick our shoes carefully.

When it comes to mixing styles with boots and tunics our options are endless. Boots are perfect for layering with a tunic dress. They look great when combined with stylish jeggings.

Quick evening look



Tunics are great fashion staples when it comes to last minute invitations. Having the right shoes, accessories and jewellery, we can turn every day outfit into a night outfit. Floaty tunics combined with flat shoes makes up for a perfect party dress when you are short for time.

Choose a loose-fitting tunic with details on it and pair it with grey or white jeggings. It can be worn either at dinner with friends or at a special occasion. Its loose design makes us feel super comfortable wearing it while looking elegant at the same time. For a stunning evening look we can also choose from elegant flat loafers or sleeky pumps.


For achieving even more glamorous look, combine your evening tunic with wedges or high heels. Add a beaded long necklace and you get an ultra chic look for the night.

Formal or semi-formal look


For this look it’s best to combine your tunic with any type of high heels. Pair it with an elegant necklace and bracelets and you are ready to mesmerize the crowd.

Office look


Boots are perfect for combining with a tunic if you want to achieve a stylish professional look for work. Brown or black boots are excellent option for the office. For this purpose choose a knee-length tunic dress that is with floaty design and it looks very smart.

It can be combined with jeans, jeggings or leggings for a more casual style. It’s best to choose a tailored tunic with a simple pattern and a nipped-in waist. Add a hobo bag and you are just ready for the workday.

Boho summer look


Boho-style tunics and strappy sandals are as if made to be together. For getting the ultimate summer beach or city look, combine strappy sandals in the color black, brown or beige with a boho tunic with an eye-catching pattern and rich color palette. You can choose a boho tunic in just one style as well. Add a small bag with fringes, cute glasses and go to the beach.


Casual summer look for a walk in the city


The advantage of this look is that it can be worn by both women and girls of different ages. Tunics combine perfectly with sneakers. You can choose any color you want. Be careful with the multi-color models.  If your sneakers are bright, pick your tunic in a simple color combination and pattern.


For example if your sneakers have different colors and attract attention, pick up your tunic to be in one or maximum two colors. On the other hand if your sneakers have a simple one-color design, pick up your tunic with an interesting pattern and combine it with different details to achieve a finished look.

Comfy outfit for the fall


Wear with your favourite pair of sneakers with a tunic under a leather jacket. Since the fall season tends to be rainy and muddy, the convenience of our shoes and the comfort they offer should be a priority. Make sure that the tunic has a neutral one-color design in dark fall colors. You can pair it with leather boots for getting an urban chick outfit.

Casual everyday outfit


Combine flat pumps with a tunic in neutral color and you can go anywhere. This combination offers maximum comfort and it can be worn at different occasions- either for a coffee with your best friend, a dinner with friends or a party.

Glamorous night look


For achieving stunning look for the night party, wear high heel pumps with a maxi tunic. Remember that when it comes to tunics, if they are long length, they look better when combined with high heel pumps.

For a uniquely stylish combination pick up long maxi tunic with a slit in white, tights of the same color and high heel pumps in a neutral color like white, light pink  or beige. You can always refresh your outfit with a stylish pair of pumps in your favourite color.

Elegant work day outfit


This outfit definitely guarantees us amazing, comfortable and  professional-looking outfit for the office. Combine your favourite elegant blazer, jeggings or a pair of women’s trousers with a tunic and pointy pumps.

Choose for this purpose a feminine-style tunic with fringes, floral prints, stripes or some other type of interesting pattern. Another amazing fashion combo is when you bring the focus on the blazer by picking it in a bright color and wear it with jeggings and tunic in just one color like black or dark blue. Add an eye-catching jewellery or a stylish handbag for a complete working day outfit.

Wild west urban look


When going to the city we can never make a mistake with a plaid tunic. It looks great when combined with leather boots or over knee boots. You can either wear it with leggings or jeggings. Add a statement leather bag and you are ready to rock the city.

Minimalistic elegance


If you like simple chic achieved by one-color clothing, the best outfit for you is loafers with a tunic. They can be of one color or in different colors. For this look we do not need too much accessories. If you wish, you can play with the colors or patterns and choose either the loafers or the tunic to be with a distinguishing design.

Elegant mom-to-be


This type of tunic can be combined stylish wedges, sandals or peep toes. We can choose any design of these types of shoes according to our preference.

Thanks to their highly comfortable design, tunics are preferred by pregnant women. This type of outfit can be also suitable for plus size women since the material is floating and makes your figure look visually slimmer. If you are overweight, choosing to wear a tunic with pumps is the key to get a beautiful outfit that makes you feel and look amazing.


Wedges offer a great balance between comfortability and elegance and they can be worn all day without making your legs tired. They offer both stability and add chic to our outfit. Add a small clutch bag to this outfit and you are going to look amazing. Flat sandals are excellent option for the summer season.

Summer boho style


The secret to look magnificent at the beach: wearing espadrilles with a floaty tunic in boho style. Ankle-strap espadrilles look amazing when paired with a one-color tunic with lace, tunic with floral print or stripes. The great thing about this type of espadrilles is that they can be worn with even formal-style tunics and still looking chic. Anckle-striped espadrilles look amazing at indoor special events.


Cute party look


Tunics can be worn in the winter season too. They look really chic when combined with Oxford shoes and thights. Pick a blingy necklace and an elegant bag to complete the look. 



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