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Dressed in Style: Are pinstripes too masculine or formal for a lady to wear?

We often get asked if pinstripes are too masculine or formal for a lady to wear. To those girls we say "You've probably missed our email about Bonnie and Clyde...

Dressed in Style

We often get asked if pinstripes are too masculine or formal for a lady to wear. To those girls we say "You've probably missed our email about Bonnie and Clyde a month or two ago. To cement things once and for all, we decided to showcase why pinstripes are the perfect thing to put this season.

Locker Room being a small brand, we are obsessively devoted to making the research before we sew anything for our customers and put it on our ETSY shop. Today we will tell you why we choose to feature a bunch of pinstriped items and how we make them look chic.

Pinstripes are normally an element of the formal style, it's true. But so were all hats, shoes and suspenders a while ago, historically. Adding a little twist and combining several casual elements with the otherwise formal stripes gives them an outstanding character and casualness.

This fall we put some extra efforts into making a LOOSE PINSTRIPED DRESS, so girls could wear it anywhere from the local pharmacy to a wedding party. How come it stays swag and informal in spite of the stripes and its black color? Allow us to explain:


Pinstripes are only formal and boring if you dress all formal and boring. But the fact you're on Etsy means you know better. Well, so do we. So we took a beautiful pinstriped fabric and gave it the perfect form. Presenting, the ultimate linen dress:

Locker Room Dress

1) PROVOCATIVE - dresses are meant to spark emotions. This one will surely make any man's heart skip a beat, the way it puts an accent on your bust.

2) POCKETS - if a dress doesn't make pinstripes way more casual, how about a pair of handy pockets?

3) PIN-STRIPES - long, thin and delicate, those stripes makes your look thinner, especially on top of this luxurious loose linen.

And then comes the back:

Locker Room Dress

1) SHOULDER STRAPS - suspenders are not only convenient. They are reminiscent of the older times when all style was classic and yet, so trendy right now.

2) OPEN BACK - nothing speaks sexy like an open back. OK, only the upper part in our case. But a real man doesn't need you to be super-obvious to notice a hint.

3) EXTRA LENGTH - letting the fabric fall longer, we've given it a "that's definitely a dress" look, which in turn balances the stripes. Gosh, we love dresses...

With Black Friday knocking on the door and Christmas comming soon we are so excited to welcome the NEW Locker Girls on board (including you :)). We are starting a new tradition - to feature our gorgeous Locker Girls on Instagram & Facbook. So if you have a Locker piece and pose for a great picture, DM us on Facebook or tag our Instagram account. And don't forget to add a couple of words sharing how you feel to be a #LockerGirl :)

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Poli and Nia


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