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How to find the best top for jeans?

Jeans are such a clothing piece that truly won’t go out of style. It’s in fashion since forever. Jeans are super versatile clothing element that can be combined with countless things and we can always look amazing. Sweaters, blazers, sweatshirts,...


Jeans are such a clothing piece that truly won’t go out of style. It’s in fashion since forever. Jeans are super versatile clothing element that can be combined with countless things and we can always look amazing. Sweaters, blazers, sweatshirts, crop tops, tees - jeans can simply worn with just anything. Thanks to their classic and causal style they can be accessorized in different ways according to our personal preference for style and comfort.

The right pair of jeans that fits us well and it’s suitable for our body type is our best fashion tool to look always great. They can help you accentuate and make a statement with your own style. It’s really important to choose this model of jeans that is flattering to your figure and they are with a simple enough design to be combined with different other designs and colors.

Jeans can be used to achieve both elegant and sporty look. Jeans themselves look casual but when combined with a formal blouse they can really transform our look. Adding accessories and jellewery here and there can spice up any outfit. In this way with just one piece of clothing we can get different outfits for the chosen occasion or mood of the day.


High waist skinny jeans look super elegant when combined with a simple slim fit blouse in white, black or brown. When combined properly with other outfit elements jeans can help us achieve glamorous effortless night-out look.

Jeans are an inseparable clothing piece from our wardrobe and everyone of us has it. Even if you are super lazy, just grab a pair of jeans and a nice T-shirt and you can go wherever you want without spending much time on preparation.

For example skinny jeans can make you look slimmer. When properly combined with other elements of the outfit and accessories they can make you look amazing at every occasion.


What tops to choose to combine with jeans depending on the occasion and our chosen style?

Black is always a good choice


If we want to achieve a simple and elegant look, just combine black skinny jeans with a black shirt. Black jeans can be also combined with a black blazer over a white shirt and you are ready to go anywhere in this outfit. You cannot go wrong with black and white combo. This denim-on-denim trend seems like it will never die.

It’s perfect for the office thanks to its semi-casual style. It may not be a good idea to wear it in the hot summer days, so it’s better to be worn in the spring. It looks amazing when combined with sleek high heels, pumps or sandals in golden or beige color and gold jewellery.

Casual city look


Combine ripped jeans with a white shirt or white kurti to get a casual look for going to a café in the city or just shopping trip in a weekday. This look has a rebellious vibe to it which is softened a little bit by the white simple shirt. The colors blue and white are a great combination. This outfit can be combined with black pumps, sandals in the summer and a nice watch as an accessory.

Elegant summer look


If you want to achieve a feminine and stylish look, combine bell bottom jeans with a crop top and a tee with a simple design or a graphic depending on where you are going. This type of jeans can be combined with bright colored top. These jeans have a retro style which makes the outfit look classy. This girly look is perfect for going out with friends or a college day. It can be paired with heels or ballerinas.

Stylish combo for both office and dinner


Combine black pair of denims with a simple blouse in a dark color, button down blouse  or a boho blouse with a long patterned shrug for a unique stylish look. This combo can be worn with either sneakers, boots or pumps. The regular blouse can be replaced with a kaftan blouse to get an elegant boho look. If the shrug has tassels it can be combined in numerous ways according to our individual style.


Elegant office look


Pair dark skinny jeans with a blazer in black or navy color worn over a neatly buttoned shirt in white or dark color.  Dark skinny jeans can be also worn with boyfriend-style cardigan in a dark shade. Choose a jacket that fits perfectly your shape and ends close to your hip bones. The jacket can be in a light neutral color like grey, pink or beige.

Make sure the jeans are not too tight. This outfit can be made more appealing by adding a few stylish jewelleries and accessories like bracelet, watch, earrings.


This official office look is designed for a denim-friendly office environment. If you want to avoid looking boyish or your body is not too curvy you can opt for a peplum jacket instead to get a chic office outfit. It’s perfect for combining with black loafer flats, leather high heels and accessories like an elegant watch and a leather tote to achieve a chic professional look.

Chic urban look


Combine sleek black skinny jeans with a black jacket and a soft pink sweater for getting a cute city look. Тhe sweater can be of the purpleneck type. This outfit has a casual style and it’s comfortable – excellent choice for the cold days. This outfit can be worn with ankle boots in black and can be combined with long statement shiny earrings.

Cute college look


Boyfriend jeans are a versatile wardrobe staple every girl needs. Combine boyfriend jeans with a crop top with floral print, peplum or off shoulder top. Avoid choosing both halfs baggy, if your boyfriend jeans are close fitting, then your crop top should be loose fitting and the other way around to achieve a balanced look. The goal is to look comfortable and chic. In the cold weather we can add a blazer or a pullover to this outfit.

Great evening look


Combine a silky hip-length tank top with skinny jeans. The style of the tank top is up to you. These jeans can be combined with a loose tunic too but it will steal the feminine shape look a bit.

To achieve an hour glass shape choose a tank that narrows at the waist and flares below creating a balanced feminine look. This particular outfit looks amazing paired with a shiny necklace, sandals or elegant pumps. It’s excellent for a night out or a first date.


Sexy feminine figure-flattering look

Wear a swim-fitting top tucked into high waisted skinny jeans that show off our curves. This outfit helps us achieve a feminine curvy silhouette. It looks great combined with either sneakers or high-heeled shoes.


Edgy city look

To get a skinny look for the city, combine biker-style leather jacket with close fitting skinny jeans and a T-shirt in neutral color. Make sure the jacket is not cropped but it goes to your hips to achieve that feminine look. This outfit can be worn either with flat shoes or chunky boots for a more rock style.


Exquisite night out

If you want to achieve a sophisticated evening look pick up a white tuxedo-style blazer with skinny jeans in dark color and high heels. This outfit fits almost every body type and by adding a few jewelleries you can achieve a stunning look.


Night party look

If you want to get a causal and feminine party look, combine skinny high-waisted jeans with tweed jacket close to your natural waistline worn over a top with a simple design or a thin sweater.

This type of outfit is perfect for those of you who are busy and want to transition their outfit from day look into a night look easily. This outfit can be worn with ballet flats or loafers and it’s suitable for going to a weekend shopping with your friends. Just change the flat shoes with pointy high heels, add a few blingy jewelleries and you are ready for the party.


Elegant winter/fall look

You can never go wrong with a long camel coat in a neutral color. Pair it with close-fitting jeans and a white feminine blouse tucked into the jeans and you get a classy comfortable look you can wear everyday. If you choose your blouse to be with lace, ruffles, embroideries your feminine look is complete. The classic look of the blouse is in contrast with the modern look with the skinny jeans and it creates an appealing effect. You can wear skinny jeans and coat with plain basic T-shirt and jeans.


If you want to wear this outfit in the winter evening you can choose the coat in bright red, white or blue which will really spice the whole outfit. This outfit is perfect for transitional seasons and helps you be both elegant and ultra feminine in an effortless way. It can be combined with a mini bag or a backpack which will add a city vibe to the look.



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