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2019 Fashion Trends in Harem Pants

Harem pants are coming into trend this year and there is no doubt that they are a unique fashionable and comfortable clothing. They look amazing on any body type and can be worn at different occasions. Harem pants are not...


Harem pants are coming into trend this year and there is no doubt that they are a unique fashionable and comfortable clothing. They look amazing on any body type and can be worn at different occasions. Harem pants are not just a piece of clothing. They help us stand out from the crowd in a stunning way. Now is the right time to wear harem pants since they are super trendy right now.

Harem pants are an amazing fashion staple that deserves its place in women’s wardrobe. They are a must-have for the summer season. Take advantage of harem pants and use them in your fashion arsenal. Harem pants look amazing when they are wisely combined with the other parts of the given outfit. But it’s not an easy task to find the right type of harem pants that fit our body perfectly and make our look stunning.


Finding the best harem pants may be a bit difficult for petite girls but not impossible. When we know what to search for we can successfully find the right pair of harem pants to look fabulous.

Advantages of harem pants

They are flexible

They offer flexibility as they can be easily combined with different types of clothing and always result in a great look. You can dress easily harem pants up or down depending on the occasion. By simply adding or removing a few accessories we can spice up our harem pants outfit depending on the occasion.

Add high heels, blazer and elegant bag for getting an everyday office look. Add sneakers or simple flats and a backpack of a casual city look. Add statement pumps and elegant crop top and you are ready to rock the party. Pick up cheerful prints for achieving a lightweight mood for relaxed occasions in the summer season.

They are ultra stylish


Although harem pants have a loose-fitting design and a casual vibe to a certain degree, they can look as elegant as women’s trousers when properly combined with other fashion pieces. Throwing a pair of harem pants in a simple color can really spice up any outfit.

They are comfortable

No one can deny that harem pants offer us more comfort than the classic skinny jeans. Harem pants are super comfy and they become your second skin. They are made from breathable materials.  And this is great especially if you are going to wear them all day long.

How to choose harem pants depending on the occasion?

Casual occasions


Create a fun and non-formal look by choosing harem pants in bold and bright colors or awesome prints. Don’t be afraid to play with bright color combinations and fun patterns here. The goal is to make our look interesting and stand out from the crowd.  Harem pants can be combined with crop tops, blazers, also for informal events. By adding a statement bag to our harem pants outfit we can achieve an elegant look ideal for a night-out with friends.


A good looking outfit suitable for formal events is rolled up printed trousers combined with high platform boots. By adding a navy coat or some statement bag or fold clutch we can make this look more complete and amazingly stylish.

Another casual-style outfit is to choose harem pants in a cheerful pattern just like  leopard print and combine them with a semi-sheer black tank top. Add to this outfit a fringed ankle-boots and a fedora hat to add more elegance.

Formal occasions


For formal occasions it’s best to choose our outfit in neutral or dark colors. Solid prints are preferred option when it comes to formal events. Harlem pants look very elegant when they are combined with a stylish classic-style feminine bag which is a must-have for official occasions. Fold clutches are an amazing choice for this type of outfit too. Harem pants look very elegant when combined with statement shoes. Add a silk scarf to the look and you are ready to impress the crowd.



Striped prints are our friend here. If you like prints this next look is for you. Combine multi-striped harem pants look great when paired with chambray shirt for achieving a subtle elegance.  If you want to achieve an urban look just add biker-style black jacket to this outfit and you will get a stunning edgy look perfect for everyday use.

Harem Pants Combinations


Monochromne chic

Black and white is always in trend so take advantage of this combination. Choose harem pants in black and white and pair them with some type of top in black and white pattern. Add a matching scarf with a graphic design. The harem pants in this outfit bring the focus on them. This look looks really great when combined with open-toe boots.

Unique everyday look


Pick up harem pants with a scarf print and combine them with a basic design white shirt. Add a denim vest in light blue for creating an outstanding look that will steal the show on the street or at the office.

Summer elegant look


Choose harem pants in fresh and bold floral print and team them with a high-neck crop top. Adding a lace-up shoes in vintage style. This look is perfect for summer festivals. Another option for a stylish summer outfit is to combine harem pants in a summer color like yellow with a simple white top. Wear this with a checkered blazer for achieving a combination between elegance and relaxed casual style.


Feminine chic


Combine high waist harem pants with crop top or bralette blouse for achieving a romantic and elegant look. Having a bow at the harem pants help you achieve a romantic-style perfect for celebrating special occasions. Combine harem pants with a black grid print with a plain white top. This outfit can be worn with cuffed black sandals at the office or casual weekend events.

Rock spirit look

Leather jacket always gives our outfit an edgy look and it’s a really versatile wardrobe staple. Choose plaid print harem pants and  pair it with a black leather jacket and a white top.

Party look


You can really grab the attention on the dance floor by wearing a pair of metallic harem pants and combining them with hoop earrings.

Winter chic look


Topcoats are a must-have for the cold months. To look stunning in the winter season wear gray chambray shirt gray topcoat.

 Choosing harem pants by material


When choosing harem pants avoid materials that easily wrinkle. Remember that the beauty of harem pants lies in their ability to drape elegantly. When choosing the material of your harem pants bear in mind that some fabrics drape in a more stylish way than other. It’s best to choose materials like cotton jersey, silks or other types of delicate fabrics that allow the pants to drape in an elegant way.

Choosing the right design of harem pants


As we know, there are some types of harem pants that don’t suit everyone. These are the harem pants that sag in the center halfway down the legs for example. If you like this style of harem pants, choose such a model that have a drop crotch that doesn’t go bellow our mid-thigh. Make sure also that the folds fall in a neat way and they are not super sloppy.

Choose something in the middle – not too baggy and not too loose. It’s important to feel comfortable minus excessive amount of fabric. Harem pants should be carefully adjusted so that they look well between hips and waist. Make sure to pick up the right size of pants for you.

If you are between sizes, choose a size up as some brands offer such an option. It’s very important to make an honest assessment of your chosen harem pants when trying them on at the store. If you are not 100% sure the harem pants are for you, the chance you may not like to wear them afterwards is pretty high. Skip them and continue searching through the wide variety of harem pants.

Choosing the right color harem pants

The good thing about harem pants is that they are offered in every style, color, pattern. There are specific colors and designs of harem pants that are suitable for the different body types. If you wear plus size clothes the best colors for you are dark, solid colors and large prints.


On the other hand, if you have a petite body, it’s recommended for you to wear harem pants with small prints and light colors. You can never go wrong combining harem pants with crop tops as this combination directs the focus to the harem pants. Crop tops accentuate the billowing style of the harem pants. Choose short tops since they help you to define the waist which is really important detail when wearing harem pants. Add a belt for more waist definition. If you wear a long shirt tuck it slightly in your harem pants.

Harem pants combine well with a structured blazer in white or black and pick your top or t-shirt and accessories in the same color. Accessorize harem pants in moderation since they are a statement clothing on their own. Wear simple jewellery and simple-design shoes to avoid stealing the focus from the harem pants.


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