Why We Worked So Hard To Make This Jumpsuit Reality

Why We Worked So Hard To Make This Jumpsuit Reality

You know us, we're crazy about adding a little touch of magic to our clothes. It's been years since we started doing that to our own wardrobes. But there has always been something missing. It was hard for us to spell it out, it was just a feeling we were stuck with for a mighty long time.

Until one day we received a batch of this crazy good-looking navy blue fabric and we started sewing. A few hours later (OK, two weeks), it had given birth to THE garment that had been missing from our own closets for so long: The Perfect Loose Jumpsuit.

At first glance we knew this piece was something different. It not only makes a girl's silhouette slender and feminine. It's comfortable and swag beyond measure. At all the places you wouldn't expect - your crotch, your tighs, your hips, your waist. All those places women are used to feel "restrained" for the greater good of beauty.

Well, not any more. This baby by Locker Room is the most marvelous alternative to a dress OR to your boring pair of jeans + a T-shirt. We know that because we feel the same way, girl. Now we can finally rock the party with something stylish and different, attracting well-deserved attention and some honest compliments.

But let's dig in a little and tell you what we integrated inside to make this jumpsuit special


If we knew we could feel so comfortable in a piece of clothing, we would be wearing jumpsuits all day, any day of the week.

Locker Room Jumpsuit

1) VERY LOW CROTCH - First, we made the bottom part almost reach your ankles. Daring, we know, but also leaving a ton of air for your legs to breathe and move.

2) SHORT SLEEVES - We love T-shirts, we were just tired of everybody wearing them the old-fashioned way. So we integrated one in our jumpsuit.

3) DIAGONAL SEAM - Not so noticeable but classy to all eyes that appreciate good style and design. It discretely sections the garment into parts, directing the attention to your waist, while the loose fit puts it into a flattering light. Sweet, eh?

Does a jumpsuit get better than this? Well, we're glad you asked.

Locker Room Jumpsuit

1) LOOSE FIT - There are many jumpsuits out there but few can make a difference in your wardrobe. Most of them are tight and not at all comfy. Not that one here, though. Extra loose for style and comfort, making it a real stunner.

2) DISCRETE ZIPPER - The zipper is an integral part of any jumpsuit if you are to ever get in or out of it. But the slimmer and more seamless the zipper, the more expensive your outfit looks. 

3) ULTIMATE COLOR - Blue has always been a great color. Navy blue just up-ed its game. But this navy blue - this is just the king of all colors. You can literally wear that to a royal wedding and people would be asking about your tailor's contacts.

Whether you're into jumpsuits or not, this jumpsuit deserves a fair try. An innovation in your wardrobe like this one might as well change your style for good. And if you want to check our FALL Collection, take a look at the NEW ARRIVALS>>

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Poli and Nia