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Which jackets look cool and better, denim or leather?

 The jacket is a unique clothing item and almost every person has it in their wardrobe. It’s one of those few clothing pieces that can look both elegant and casual at the same time. They are perfect for almost any...

 The jacket is a unique clothing item and almost every person has it in their wardrobe. It’s one of those few clothing pieces that can look both elegant and casual at the same time. They are perfect for almost any season and look amazing with different accessories and clothing items.

 Which jackets look cool and better

It’s a timeless fashion piece and it never goes out of fashion. It can be worn at different occasions and it can be easily paired with different clothing items.  Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will discuss which jacket type is better- leather or denim. Depending on how it’s styled and combined with other clothing items, the jacket can look formal or informal.

Which jackets look cool and better

We can smarten up or dress down both leather and denim jackets. Add a button down shirt, dress boots, accessorize with stylish watch and you get a smart outfit suitable for sophisticated events. Wear your jacket with a plain well-fitting t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and you get a casual everyday look.

Which jackets look cool and better

Probably the worst combination of all is a denim jacket with blue jeans of the matching color. Leather jackets can be combined with almost any type of jeans, but the same is not true for denim jackets.  Blue denim jacket combined with blue jeans with the same color looks rather strange. Denim jackets and leather jackets are different from each other and each has its pros and cons.

So let’s see how each jacket can be worn and its advantages and disadvantages:


Denim jacket


The main characteristics of denim jackets is that they look trendy, casual and they are also convenient go-to choice for everyday. It’s just the perfect clothing choice for everyday. If you are practical and want to feel comfortable and yet modern, the denim jacket is for you.

Their style is mainly casual and there are some denim jacket models that have a sporty design. Denim jackets look good with black jeans and also off-white jeans. They actually look great with jeans of any contrasting color (one of the greatest color options are brown, charcoal, dark green). Faded denim is a really hot trend this year so don’t miss it.


Leather jacket

Leather jacket
Some leather jackets  fall more in the category of elegant clothing. If you are a fashionista who really wants to make an impression with her style, the leather jacket is perfect for you. There is an edgy and rock vibe to a leather jacket. Depending on the way they are worn, leather jackets can either bring urban or rock style to our outfit. Such are the blazer and café racer. Because of their detailing they look more formal.

Some models of leather jackets have slit pockets which makes the jacket look elegant and put-together , while on the other hand those jackets with flap pockets look more casual.

 Leather jacket

Leather jackets come in different designs. We can choose from the classic style motorcycle jacket, flight design jackets, fatigue and trench-style jackets.

 Leather jacket


When it comes to versatility the leather jacket probably wins. That’s because leather jackets can be both formal and casual in style, while denim jackets are only casual.


Leather jacket
No one can deny the hard facts. Leather is more durable than denim. Despite its high price, a leather jacket will endure many seasons and be with you for a long time. Denim jackets can also last long but this mostly  depends on the quality of the fabrics.

While both jackets look good, leather jackets bring more value for their money. Leather jackets have bigger number of wears in comparison to denim jackets especially if they are of high quality.

Another fact to bear in mind is that denim fabrics tend to stretch more over time in comparison to leather fabrics.

Maintenance and washing

Leather jacket
Let’s see which jacket is easier to care for. Although leather characterizes with great durability, it needs special care. Leather jackets need regular oiling and they have to be protected from heat in order to last long.

Heat is one of the biggest enemies of leather. The downside of the leather jacket is that it can’t be washed in a washing machine. It need to be spot cleaned by hand instead.

Denim jackets are more easy for washing and maintaining than leather jackets. We can wash our denim jacket in the washing machine and hang it up outside to dry. The only risk with washing denim jackets is shrinkage. We can avoid it if we wash our denim jacket on a cool cycle and do not tumble dry it. If we want we can dry it on the coolest setting.


Leather jacket
When it comes to the design of each jacket, it’s not easy to say which one looks better since this is something relative. It depends on the way it is stylized and how it matches the other clothing pieces it is combined with. Generally, leather jackets have a more rugged and even masculine style. 

If you want to achieve a sexy and bad girl outfit, the leather jacket is all you need. But a denim jacket can also look great when combined with a simple design well-fitted white T-shirt, skirt and stylish high-heeled shoes for instance.



Leather jacket
Taking the price into consideration we can say denim jacket wins here. It’s cheaper than the leather jacket. The prices for good denim jackets start from $100, while the prices for leather jackets of highest quality can reach 500$.

Our choice of jacket depends on different factors like individual style, budget, and how much free time we can spend on jacket cleaning and tailoring.


Which type of jacket provides more comfort- leather or denim? When it comes to a windbreaking ability the leather jacket wins the race. Leather jacket keeps us warm even in very cold weather as the leather has thermal insulation abilities.

 Some leather jacket models are offered with a fluffy polyester and sheepskin lining. But on the other hand leather jackets are not very good choice for the hot weather. Wearing a leather jacket when the weather gets warm will make us sweat and feel rather uncomfortable. 

Denim jackets also keep us warm in the winter season. Denim jacket’s materials on the other hand offer breathability and great comfort in warm weather although it’s not as good as linen for example which has an excellent cooling effect.


But if we have a rainy weather, leather jackets are better than denim jackets for rain protection. The denim fabrics waterlog heavily and need longer time afterwards to fully dry than leather.

Leather on the other hand is water-resistant. Some manufacturers even add special waterproofing compounds in the treatment process of the hide to make the jacket extra durable to rain.


But leather jackets aren’t exactly like raincoats as they don’t have hoods. Despite their excellent waterproofing abilities, they are usually too short to provide some cover for the legs. Sherpa denim jackets for example have a fluffy lining that offers warmth even in extremely cold weather.



If you want to modify your jacket, it will be easier to do so if it’s made of denim, rather than leather. Denim jackets are more suitable for alterations. Since leather cannot be easily altered, it’s good to have our leather jacket fitting us perfectly right the first time. That is why you should avoid ordering leather jackets online if there isn’t an option for returning it.

No matter which jacket you will choose, you should make sure it fits you well, it’s the right size and you will feel good wearing it in the climate of your area. Always choose reputable brands that are using only quality fabrics in their products.



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