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What to wear under a tunic dress?

  Tunics are very versatile fashion staples that can be combined with different clothes and accessories to achieve a new look every time. It’s a timeless fashion staple that belongs to any wardrobe. They are simply unique by their style...

 tunic dress

Tunics are very versatile fashion staples that can be combined with different clothes and accessories to achieve a new look every time. It’s a timeless fashion staple that belongs to any wardrobe. They are simply unique by their style and compatible with different clothing pieces.

We should be thankful to the ancient Greeks and Romans that created this type of clothing which is still fashionable until now. The long tunic dress which is worn simply by itself was the first tunic that people wore.

tunic dress

Their length can vary: from knee to ankle length. They also come in numerous cuts and can be found in different materials. In the past this fashion piece was worn by men and women.

Modern-day tunics continue to change in their overall style and fabrics. Tunics offer us casual boho style and since they are loose fitting, they offer an airy sense of freedom, they are mostly preferred for the summer season. For this reason when buying a tunic it’s preferable to choose such made from breathable materials.

tunic dress

For those of you who want to feel comfortable and achieve a feminine style, the tunic is a must-have staple. They have a great compatibility with different wardrobe items.

Let’s check out what we tunic combinations we can choose from:

Tunic and jeans

tunic dress

Be careful when combining tunic with jeans. It looks best when they are close fitting and not of the boyfriend-style loose type. If they are not straight-cut and are flared, this contradicts with the loose design of the jeans and risk making our whole outfit look rather baggy and out of place. A pair of skinny jeans will bring the focus on the relaxed style of the tunic and make our legs look longer.

Tunic and women’s trousers

tunic dress

Black, brown, gray and khaki trousers can combine with a tunic top of any color. When choosing pants look for such with a slim cut or straight leg model to achieve an ultra elegant outfit.

Tunic and leggings

 tunic dress

Don’t forget that leggings are not like pants and if you want to wear them with a tunic, make sure the tunic offers sufficient coverage and its fabric is not see-through. If you are tall, opt for a tunic that will drape down.

Leggings are a practical wardrobe staple that can be worn everyday and in different weather thanks to their breathability. Because they come in a variety of patterns, colors, designs they can be worn at different occasions and in different combinations.

Tunic and jeggings

tunic dress

This combination looks very chic and it’s perfect for a trip in the city. It suits all body types. It can be worn by both young and older women equally. As you may know jeggings are a combination between leggings and jeans. They are pretty versatile and can be combined with lots of things. Jeggings are usually combined with shorter tunics. Jeggings are made from ultra stretchable jeans fabric that looks like a denim.

tunic dress

Tunic and tights

tunic dress

This combination is also practical and comfy for the spring /fall season. It’ the same situation as with the leggings. When worn with tights the tunic dress should reach our mid-thigh. To avoid color clash it’s better to choose tights in a nude color that will combine well with the tunic top.

Tunic and skirt

tunic dress

A skirt offers a unique way to achieve a feminine style with any outfit. When combining tunic with a skirt, the tunic should be in a blouse style. Pencil skirts combine really well with blouse-like tunics.

Snug-fitting tunics can be combined also with A-line skirts. We should pick up such a skirt that fits our hips and flares at the knees. If our goal is to keep the main focus on the tunic, we should avoid choosing skirts with too much details on them which will steal the focus from the top.

Tunic and shorts

tunic dress

When combining shorts with a tunic we should be careful with the length of the shorts. If the shorts don’t go past the length of the tunic, this will make the illusion that we aren’t wearing anything under the tunic. Choose longer shorts whose end can be seen below the tunic.

How to spice up any tunic outfit?

As we have already mentioned we can work around a simple design tunic in many ways. Just adding a few details here and there we can create a new fantastic look.


Wear your favourite tunic with a stylish belt. A properly chosen belt always gives our tunic a smart look. This fashion option is good especially to those of you who have a heavy weight body. Adding a belt to your look will make your waistline appear naturally slimmer.

tunic dress


This fashion technique works pretty well with tunics. Adding or removing layer offers a quick way to change our look. Layering helps us put our summer clothes into use even after the summer season has ended.  Tunics can be combined perfectly with sweaters, jackets, scarfs.  By applying creativity and experimenting with different color and design options we can achieve different look in the cold months.

tunic dress

We can add layering under our tunic as well. We can wear a turtleneck under our tunic for getting a sophisticated look. It not only looks great but it keeps us warm.


Picking a headscarf that matches the color of our tunic is a good idea for a fresh summer outfit.


Adding different stylish statement details to our look is a perfect way to achieve a unique look that matches our personality. Adding fringes to an old tunic for example will give it a new glamorous look.


Tunic offers an opportunity to wear long necklaces thanks to their length. A necklace is a straightforward way to add personal touch and glamour to any type of tunic. Other good jewellery idea for tunics are long blingy earrings that will grab the attention.


Gladiator heels are excellent go-to option for formal and semi-formal occasions. They add a touch of glamor to our outfit. To get a minimalistic tunic look, loafers are the perfect option here. We can never go wrong with the good old simple boots.


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