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What kind of tops go with harem pants ?

Harem pants are one of the most versatile clothing pieces out there. They are a really versatile fashion staple. The amazing thing about harem pants is that they are super comfortable to wear in the different seasons but doesn’t compromise...


Harem pants are one of the most versatile clothing pieces out there. They are a really versatile fashion staple. The amazing thing about harem pants is that they are super comfortable to wear in the different seasons but doesn’t compromise on elegance and feminine style. They can be combined with so many clothing pieces. By just using one type of harem pants we can achieve a different look every time just by adding or removing fashion items.

Casual look


If you are going to a casual event, you can combine your harem pants with a simple-design tank top or a tee with a basic design. These are perfect for everyday wear. Be careful when mixing colors. If your chosen harem pants have a colorful pattern or bold print, pick up your top or tee in just one color or more neutral design than the harem pants. That’s because harem pants bring the focus on your bottom half and too many colors will spoil the look and lose the balance. You cannot go wrong with colors like white, black, pastel, beige in a solid color.

Accessories are a must-have detail when it comes to harem pants casual outfits. That is why we should use crop tops with a simple design and then add some accessories or jewellery to them. It’s important to go for jewellery with a minimalistic design. Stud earrings or drop bar pendants are a great option for achieving an elegant look.

Another cool way to complete this look is to wear stack and mala bracelets are also amazing combination for wearing with harem pants which achieves ethno chick in our outfit. Adding a bag to this outfit really finished the whole look. A simple crossbody clutch or a statement bag with fringes adds variety.

Formal look


To achieve a more elegant look, use skin-tight top in a neutral color like white with a structured one color blazer with front open in black to combine with harem pants in neutral colors. The close-fitting top has the role to compensate for the loose-fitting nature of the harem pants and balance the look. Harem pants of the more close-fitting type are the best choice for special occasions.

 When picking harem pants for formal events focus on fabrics like velvet, silk. Wear with them simple jewellery to add just a subtle glam, stud earrings or an elegant watch to the outfit. Clutch bag or standard classic-style bag are a must-have for getting an outfit perfect for a day in the office or formal events.

Festival hippie chic


As harem pants have a bohemian vibe to them, they are perfect go-to option for festivals. For this outfit you need a top that matches the style and color of your harem pants to achieve a balanced look. Crotchet tops look amazing with along kimono shrug.

Choose vibrant boho prints for getting that cheerful party look. If you are going to an open concert crochet tops are probably the best choice. The reason for this is they can be combined with a variety of accessories like chokers and jewellery.


Another cool option to spice this look are flash tattoos. Flash tattoos can be put all over the neck, arms, midriff, clavicle, hands and also feet. Gold metallic flash tattoos and cat eye or oversize glasses make up a great combination with crotchet tops which are a festival must-have.

Spring elegance


Spring is an amazing season for fashion as we finally can add a bit of a colorful vibe to our clothes. Pick up your harem pants in a neutral solid color and combine it with a simple design tunic in bold colors or a floral pattern Complete this look with a waistcoat in darker shade than the tunic and the harem pants. Add a small elegant bag and wear high heels to get a chic spring look.

Another option for a spring look is to combine chambray t-shirt with one color harem pants. The t-shirt gives our outfit  a tomboy chic. Make sure to pick the harem pants and t-shirt in dark shades like black, green or blue.


Lively beach


Harem pants seem like made for the beach sands. Harem pants with floral or other bright pattern are a great way to achieve a relaxed and cheerful summer outfit. Harem pants can be paired with a simple bikini top and a kimono. Here we can use a crotchet top again or choose a top in a colorful pattern.

Harem pants look amazing when they fit with an elastic at the ankles. This type of harem pants is perfect for the beach because if you want to dip in the water, you just pull them up. This summer look can be completed by adding a couple of fun bracelets or a colorful boho style bag.

Relaxed everyday look


Harem pants look amazing with graphic tees. You can choose a graphic tee that is a bit loose or it’s oversized. Tie it at a knot on the front or on one side to achieve a cute party look. Tees with interesting prints on them give our look a nice edge. This outfit is perfect not only for running errands or shopping in the city but also going to some concert. Accessorize with a strappy bracelet or a fedora hat. Add leather boots, aviator-style glasses, simple bracelets or a choker to add chic to this outfit.


Yoga style look


If you are a fan of yoga, harem pants are totally for you. There are a must-have wardrobe staple for every yoga fan as they allow complete freedom to the movements of the body which helps you during a yoga session. Loose-fitting harem pants with an elephant print are a suitable choice for yoga.

Pick up such a top that allows you to move freely and it’s made of breathable and stretchable fabrics.  Sports bra or an active top are your best friends when it comes to yoga. Combine this yoga outfit with a yoga bag and some ethno bracelets for adding some boho chic.

Color palette look


Combine your harem pants with a dye tee in bold colors. Your dye top can be in floral print. Be careful when combining the color and patterns of the top and the harem pants. To achieve a stunning laidback  look we need to pick up the right patterns and graphics. Elephant pants usually pair well with floral print kimonos. This look can be also spiced up by again adding flashy tattoos and color necklace bracelets or color earrings in moderation.


Chic office look


Harem pants can be worn in the office when combined with a basic-style white shirt. For getting a professional look it’s  best to choose harem pants with some simple pattern or in neutral solid colors like white, black, beige, blue or even deep orange for the warm season.

In the cold months you can add to this outfit also a tailored blazer and a silky scarf in contrasting color which will add color to this formal outfit. Combine this outfit with minimalistic jewellery pieces, sleek high heels and an elegant bag or clutch. If your top and harem pants are plain and in one color, you can pick up your bag or clutch in an eye-catching pattern to spice up the outfit.


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