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What is the difference between Jean Skirt and Denim Skirt?

  Almost every woman in the world owns a pair of jeans, skirt  or denim skirt. Denim is one of the most popular materials and besides being comfortable, it also looks good too. They offer both fashionable style and convenience...


Almost every woman in the world owns a pair of jeans, skirt  or denim skirt. Denim is one of the most popular materials and besides being comfortable, it also looks good too. They offer both fashionable style and convenience and that is one of the reasons why these types of skirts are among our favourite wardrobe staples.

Jean Skirt

Sometimes people call jeans denim and vice versa. These two terms are one of the most confused in the clothing industries around the world. They are sometimes called interchangeably in the world of fashion but this is wrong.

Simply put jeans are type of trousers that are made of denim cloth and denim is a fabric that is used for making many other clothing pieces . These can be jackets, jeans, shirts, skirts, bags, purses and fashion accessories. Jeans fall in the category of informal clothing and they are perfect for casual events.

Jean Skirt  

So, there is a difference between jeans and denim skirt. Jeans skirts fall in the category of clothing made of denim and denim skirts are skirts made of raw fabric materials that contain 100% cotton twill.


Jeans skirt is a skirt made of the same fabric jeans are made of. It is in light blue color.

Denim skirt on the other hand is a skirt made of the fabric denim which is in dark blue color.

 Jean Skirt

Wonder which one is better?


 Jean Skirt



Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of skirt and their materials

Jeans skirts

Jeans skits can be made of denim or corduroy and come in a variety of colors. They are available in dark, grey, brown. But the blue color is the most dominant color among all jeans colors. Their advantage is that they don’t require much washing as formal skirts do which makes them ideal staple in the student’s wardrobe. Jeans skirts don’t require ironing.

 Jean Skirt

Jeans skirts are very practical everyday wear. They require a minimum amount of maintenance which makes them a preferred type of clothing for most women.

Jeans skirts can be regular fit, slim fit and skinny fit. Their composite of materials can vary too. Jeans skirts are semi-formal piece of clothing which means they can be worn at many places and events. But they are not very suitable for the work place.

Another one of their advantages is that their fabric is lightweight which is comfortable for wearing in most seasons.  They come in a variety of designs and each design has a different weight.

 Jean Skirt

When talking about durability, jeans skirts are not considered as durable as denim skirts. The quality and endurance of the fabric depends hugely from how it is processed from denim (is it a wet or dry denim).

 Jean Skirt

Jeans skirts are divided into two types: wet and dry. Wet denim is used to make soft and skinny style jeans and  dry denim is used to make tough jeans skirts.

Jeans skirts made of wet denim have a smooth texture. In general they are not as durable as these that are made from dry denim. Wet denim is thin and for this reason these skirts are designed for spring and summer.

 Jean Skirt

The skirts made of dry denim have one main advantage and that is they are super durable and they do not hold stains pretty much. Skirts made of dry denim have a higher durability. They are bulky in structure and they are suitable for wearing in the colder months.

Dry denim is produced when the material is not washed after the dying process. The ready skirts made of dry denim are usually regular fit.

Denim skirts

 Jean Skirt


Denim is such a fabric will never go out of fashion.As a material denim consists of 100% cotton and characterizes with durability and good quality.  Jeans are the product of the fabric called denim.

Denim is woven with a warp yarn that is made of blue cotton  and the filling yarn is in white color.This fabric has hard twill weave which has diagonal ribbing (the fabric has diagonal parallel lines in blue and white).In its raw state denim has a heavy weight in comparison to its ready product-jeans clothing.

The yarns that are used in the production of denim are made through rotor spinning. The blue-colored warp yarn is dyed with indigo blue in general. So the back side of the fabric is white and the font is blue.

Jean Skirt

Because cotton has good insulating properties and denim contains pure cotton, for this reason denim skirts offer warmth during a cold weather. Denim skirts also provide comfort and convenience. They can be combined with different types of clothing to make different outfits. They are available in white and natural color.

During their production procedure denim skirts go through a series of special processes. The denim material can be dyed into a chosen color as well

.Jean Skirt

 In terms of durability, it really depends on the way the fabric is processed. One type of denim can be more durable than the other. Generally, denim skirts are considered more durable than jeans skirts. Because they are made of denim that contains high quality cotton, they offer great comfort. As this type of skirt is in a darker shade, it can be worn at more formal events. As to whether denim skirts  can be worn at work, it depends.


Denim and jeans skirts: Conclusion

 Jean Skirt

What type of skirt we will choose usually depends on our personal preference for style and comfort level as well as the place we are planning to wear the particular skirt. Both kinds of skirts offer effortless fashion style and they can be worn at different informal and semi-formal events.


Denim and jeans skirts can be worn in different weather and they combine easily with other wardrobe pieces. Being easily accessorizable, these skirts instantly become our go-to clothing choice for almost every day of the week.

 Jean Skirt

Being made from different materials jeans and denim skirts require different care. Both styles come in different designs and they are versatile. Unfortunately, the market is full of replications of both denim and jeans skirts that are of inferior quality. And that is why we should be careful when buying a skirt and choose to buy only from trustworthy brands in order to enjoy the benefits of both materials.


 Jean Skirt

Taking good care of both denim and jeans skirts is good for keeping the skirts in a good state, prolonging their life and preserving the colors. Make sure you do not wash your jeans or denim skirt with clothing of dark colors as this can have a negative effect on those skirts made of denim in lighter shades. They usually last longer when they don’t get too many washes.

 Jean Skirt

One key part of the proper maintenance of denim/jeans skirts is to follow the care instructions given by their original manufacturer. Pay attention to labels that say machine washing and hand-washing.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that jeans and denim  skirts in general are not designed to be washed often. Frequent washing speeds up the fading of their colors and also impacts their quality over time. Probably the best solution to this problem is to own several pair of skirts rather than one jeans/denim skirt.



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