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What can I wear with a tunic dress?

There is no doubt that tunics are one of the most versatile clothing pieces. Almost every woman has a tunic in her wardrobe. They are an excellent option especially in the warm seasons. When it comes to tunic there exists...


There is no doubt that tunics are one of the most versatile clothing pieces. Almost every woman has a tunic in her wardrobe. They are an excellent option especially in the warm seasons. When it comes to tunic there exists a variety of lengths and fits which makes it a unique clothing staple that is easy for combining.

Tunics can be combined with different types of clothing. They are an amazing clothing staple as they are light weight, easy to wear and offer great comfort at any season. They are both super comfortable and stylish. Be wearing a tunic we can be elegant and not compromise our comfort at the same time.


When choosing a tunic dress we should bear in mind our body shape first and then make a choice.  We should pick it carefully in order to make sure it flatters our body most.

For the summer season bright and vibrant colors are always in fashion so pick a tunic with a color play, striped tunic or tunic with an interesting design.

Don’t forget that tunics should fit our body not the hanger. That is why we shouldn’t be confused by the fact a tunic looks amazing on a model but when we try it we don’t look that sharp. A tunic should be tailored to our body type. Tunics are great for making adjustments to them. Make sure to choose such a tunic that fits best your body type.

How to combine our tunic according to our body type

Apple shape


People with apple-shaped bodies should avoid any kind of tops that cling to the body. If you have such a body you should focus on the neckline and our legs. Avoid wearing tunics that are too long (pick something in the middle). Tunics with a V-neck are excellent for this body shape.

This directs the attention from your middle portion of the body  to your face. Tunics in dark color and with small pattern are great for apple-shaped bodiesLong necklaces are not recommended for this type of body. Wear earrings and a short necklace balance this look perfectly.

Pear shape


If your body is pear-shaped you should wear a tunic that is loose at the thighs. Such tunics have side vents which prevents the tunic from clinging to rear and thighs. A wide neck opening broadens the shoulders. It’s excellent when the tunic slightly narrows at the waist.

Pear-shaped bodies are most heavy below the waist. Therefore the perfect tunic for a pear-shaped body is such that falls below or above the widest area of the body, but it should not end right at it this area. It looks great when it’s paired with a long chunky necklace.

Pear-shaped body is wide at the bottom half and this requires us to move the focus to the top half. By doing this we can add bulk to our top half of the body and achieve a stunning look.

Hourglass shape


If you have an hourglass shape the best tunic for you is such that is more fitting. A sleeveless tunic looks excellent on a hourglass body type. Loose-fitting tunic adds femininity and sweetness to our look. Adding some belt or a bow at the waist creates a finished elegant look.

Full figure


If you have a full figure, the last thing you want to wear is a super loose and shapeless clothing. The type of tunic you need should not be too loose or too clingy but something in the middle. The perfect tunic shows your wrists and collarbone. Opt for a smaller prints, solid shades or vertical stripes that create the illusion of a long body. For this body shape is recommended to wear a tunic long enough to cover your bottom.

Rectangular shape


Sometimes it’s hard to find the best fitting tunic for rectangular-shaped body. If you are with this type of body you are straight and don’t have much curves. Standard tunics doesn’t work for you. That is why you need a tunic that makes your figure look curvy. The best tunic models for this type of body are tunics that are close fitting at the waist and then taper below the waist.



If you have a petite body you should opt for shorter tunic types. Avoid choosing tunics with empire waists. If you like long tunics you can wear a one if you wish with or without belt but it’s best to wear it shortened.

The general rule is that short size clothes look best at short people. Tunics look great on a body type when it’s tucked into jeans shorts or white denim for example. Shorts combined with short tunics look amazing on petite type bodies as they achieve great proportions.

Tunic style rules


If you already have some tunics in your wardrobe you don’t know what to wear them with, we will offer you a couple if combinations below:

  • Loose tunic- combine it with shorts. Avoid wearing it with any type of loose or baggy jeans. Choose skinny jeans Skinny jeans are the perfect clothing to combine with different tunics. Bootcut pants go really well with close-fitting tunics.
  • Another great option for this type of tunic is to combine it with high-waisted shorts. Remember that the shorts should be seen beneath the chosen tunic. The shorts should be longer than the hem of the tunic. Choosing this combination is a perfect way to show off your amazing legs.
  • Any type of tunic looks really well when we add a belt. If you choose wearing your tunic with a belt, skip the necklace. On the other hand, if you add necklace, skip the belt to avoid overcluttering your look.


Tunic dress

As most of us know, balance is important when trying to achieve a stylish outfit. That is why we should combine simple design bottom with a tunic with a colorful pattern for creating balance. Tunic combined with skirts usually don’t look really great. Wear a tunic dress instead.

Billowy tunics

They are best combined with a shrunken jean jacket, a large necklace or a statement belt. These accessories will hold the tunic in place and make the whole look finished.


Long tunic

If you like wearing long tunics, make sure you add more height to your lower leg in order to balance the look of the tunic. If you wish to combine a long tunic with shorts above the knee, you may also want to add height to your lower leg and also to the length of the shorts.  You can combine long tunic and shorts with wedges. Long tunics can be also paired Bermuda shorts. This look also visually elongates the leg.


Sleeved tunics

This type of tunic dress is perfect option for going to the park or a weekend stroll with friends. Sleeved tunics are just the perfect outfit for any occasion. They are perfectly combined with skinny jeans or a pair of leggings for a flattering everyday look.



When it comes to accessories, just be careful not overdoing it because tunics have their beauty even without accessories. Jewellery and accessories can be used to successfully direct the focus to our bottom or top half depending on the effect we want to achieve.


Avoid wearing sneakers with tunics. Pick up instead high-heeled shoes for getting a slender and elegant look.


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