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What are the important tips for buying evening dresses?

You wonder what dress to wear at an upcoming event? Evening dresses offers us an amazing opportunity to demonstrate individual fashion style in an elegant way.  Although most women love shopping, the choice of the perfect evening dress is a...

evening dresses

You wonder what dress to wear at an upcoming event? Evening dresses offers us an amazing opportunity to demonstrate individual fashion style in an elegant way.  Although most women love shopping, the choice of the perfect evening dress is a tricky one. We should consider a couple of factors before buying a dress for the event we are invited  to look and feel.

The evening dress should not be chosen with no thought and on whim as this kind of dress should fit our shape perfectly, show off the best features of our body and make us look stunning.

 evening dresses

 While in the past evening dresses were worn mainly at sophisticated events, nowadays we can wear them at different events-formal or semi-formal. Evening dresses(also called evening gowns) are dresses designed to be worn at night events. They are most often long in length and have a flowy structure. There are different designs of evening dresses that are both classy and fashionable. They combine in themselves a never aging stylishness and modern vibe.

But there are some types of evening dresses that are knee length or even ending at the ankle. There are sleeveless and sleeved evening dresses, also low back designs-there is a model for every fashion taste and skin exposure preferences.

 evening dresses

 Evening dresses come in a variety of beautiful designs, fabrics, colors and probably there isn’t more feminine piece of clothing than the evening dress. When an evening dress is picked carefully, it has the possibility to uncover each woman’s personal charm, fashion style and personality.

Although shopping for a new dress for the evening outing can be a fun experience for almost every woman, sometimes it’s difficult to find the right evening dress.  As there are numerous designs out there we start wondering which will be the best one for us.

 evening dresses

Evening dresses come in all designs, colors, lengths, fits. The perfect evening dress suits your personal fashion taste, your personality and it also fits your body perfectly. It should be both comfortable and stylish.

Evening dresses can be made of  variety of materials:

  • satin
  • chiffon
  • velvet
  • metallic lame
  • Georgette and other

They can be accessorized in a variety of ways according to the occasion.

The occasion

 evening dresses

One of the first main things to consider when picking a formal dress is the type of  event you are going to. Is it exquisite or allows a diversion from the black-tie dress code? Events tend to be various, so as evening dresses too. Determine the formality level of the event and then narrow down the evening dress designs you like. The more formal the event is, the higher the price of the evening dress should be.

The beauty of an evening dress is its exquisite fabrics that are of high quality, so don’t save money on your next evening dress. The investment in a quality high-end formal dress is worthy. You will feel comfortable and not out of place.

 evening dresses

If you are invited to a less formal occasion (such as drinks with friends), then you can wear an evening dress that is more casual in style and it’s shorter in length or mid-long. But if you are going to a black-tie event, dinner, dance or a wedding that requires semi-formal dress code, then  you need something more formal-looking.

Our size

When we are at a special event, we may not want to feel uncomfortable in the new dress and have a bad style, especially when we are photographed.

Everyone wants to look the best they can at special events so there is no reason to buy formal clothing that you are going regret wearing. So, our evening dress should be body-hugging and not limiting or free movement.

Skin color

 evening dresses

The right evening dress should match your skin color to look good at the official event. This is important because no matter how beautiful your evening gown is, if it doesn’t suit your skin color, then it isn’t he right for you. For instance, if you have a dark skin, then you should not choose evening dresses with bright colors such as lemon or orange. Choose darker shades instead. Black seems like a good option since it matches all skin tones and it’s a very elegant color. Bright and rich jewel colors are amazing for exquisite events.

Body shape

 evening dresses

The best evening dress shows off the best features of your body and keeps the undesirable ones hidden. That is why it’s really important to choose an evening dress that is suitable for your body type. There are evening dress designs to every body shape, so don’t think you won’t be able to find the right one. If you are not sure which type of dress is right for your body shape, you can play it safe with V-neck evening dresses or dresses with a A-line skirts. These styles suit all body shapes and never go out of fashion.


Hair color

 evening dresses

The same goes with hair color. As the hair cut is a central part of our whole look, the shade of your evening dress should match the shade of your hair so that the whole look is put-together.


An evening dress can be ultra stylish and  fashionable while still having basic design at the same time. Classic always works for special events. Sometimes it’s better to stick to a simple style rather than flashy one.

When trying to find the right dress, we should choose such dress model that brings the focus on you as a whole instead of showcasing just separate parts of your whole shape. By choosing a simple design evening dress we can really achieve an amazing outfit.

 evening dresses

There are some timeless styles of evening dresses that look great no matter the season or the fashion trends. They are both elegant and classy and they seem like they won’t go out of fashion soon.


Last but not least accessories are also an important part of our evening outfit. Their value shouldn’t be underestimated as they complete the total look and help us achieve that glamorous vibe. The role of accessories and jewellery is to complement our evening outfit rather than spoil it.

evening dresses

Accessories help us make a statement with our outfit and express individual style. Sometimes just small sparkling details make a lot of difference when added properly. The key thing here is to create balance in your look , make it look unique and avoid overdoing it with too many embelishments. If your evening dress has some elaborate decorative details on it, then you should keep it simple with some plain accessories and jewellery.

Otherwise, if your evening dress is with basic design free of noticeable decorations such as pleats, sequins, frills, ruffles, lace elements, you are free to add some accessories with an elaborate design to look correspondingly for the fancy event. If your evening dress has an open collar, pick up an elegant collar to complete it.

 You can choose from different accessories and jewellery such as:

  • necklaces
  • chokers
  • lockets
  • beads
  • earrings
  • bangles
  • rings
  • belts
  • purses
  • clutches

We present you some classic style evening dress variations.

Types of evening dresses

Halter neck

 evening dresses

High neck

 evening dresses

Open neck

 evening dresses

Knot front halter neck

 evening dresses

Frill sleeve

       evening dresses                                                                                


 evening dresses

Deep V-neck

 evening dresses


 evening dresses

Final tip:

After you buy the chosen dress, make sure to test it about a week before  the special event. This is recommended in order to find out if it fits you well, especially if you have gained or lost weight. The evening dress shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose. By doing this we can decide whether some adjustments are needed and make them just in time before the event date.


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