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What are some trendy types of pants?

Women’s pants are a great fashion piece and they offer many opportunities for fashion combinations. Pants for women has become  a symbol of independence and self-confidence. But they also help us get a modern and feminine look that is both...

Women’s pants are a great fashion piece and they offer many opportunities for fashion combinations. Pants for women has become  a symbol of independence and self-confidence. But they also help us get a modern and feminine look that is both comfortable and elegant.

Their advantage is that they combine both style and comfort, which is all we need for our busy daily lives. If you want to be fashionable, you should not miss to take advantage of the new pants trends. 2019 is a really exciting year for the fashion world. It will continue to surprise us in terms of fashion trends in pants and trousers for women.

When looking for a great outfit, it’s not necessary to always wear a dress. Pants also offer us a great way to be elegant and chic wherever we go. Pants are timeless clothing piece that can be worn at different events and they can be styled in numerous ways.


Depending on the color, we can use women’s pants to either direct or remove the focus from our legs. If we want to make our legs visible, we should simply pick up our pants in more bold colors like burgundy, deep diamond, purple or lilac. On the other hand, if we want to achieve a subtle elegance and balanced look, we should pick up the pants in light pastel colors.

We can be feminine and elegant in pants too. They can be ultra elegant or very casual depending on the design. But they can be super comfortable as well. There are so many pants models out there that we will surely find the right pair for every occasion.

No matter if you need pants for the office party, for work, for a dinner with friends, for night out, etc. there is a big variety of models. We can choose from many pants designs depending on the occasion or the current mood.

You are probably interested in fashion since you are reading this article. So we will enlist here for you the top pants trends for 2019 that will help you look glamorous at any event:

Top 2019 pants trends

Pants 7/8 length


This type of pants are designers’ favourite. These cropped pants are available in different sizes and designs. When properly combined these pants can help us achieve a stunning look. They can be wide, narrow, flared and they offer great comfort. The college style checkered cropped trousers also appeared on the fashion shows. Tight striped pants in black are a great option.

Button up pants


 These are perfect for the office or formal event as they add a sophisticated style to our outfit.

Leather leggings


This is a must-have for all fashionistas. Leather pants are amazing away to show off our legs and achieve a sexy and modern feminine outfit. They offer throwback to the 70s. These pants are for the brave women who like to follow the trends.

Designers created also women’s trousers made of leather.  Designers recommend colors like black, blue, brown, white, green, wine, rotten cherry and they are against too bright colors like red. They can be combined with simple design elegant blouses and jackets.

Palazzo style pants


2019 fashion collections offer us an ultra stylish type of pants which we love. This type of pants are long trousers that are cut with loose wide leg which is flaring out from the waist. These pants are usually made of silk crepe or jersey materials. There is a casual vibe to this type of pants.

Palazzo pants are available in different designs and fabrics. They are elegant and sophisticated in style. They can be striped or printed, made of wool, have darts design or have an interesting print such as Japan print.  These pants look great in pastel colors. You can pair them with a belt to achieve a super stylish outfit.

Classic style women pants


Every woman needs timeless clothing pieces in her wardrobe that she can wear at different events. This holds true for pants in classic style. They come in different color combinations like burgundy or yellow, bright yellow or red, and patterns like strip or cell print.  The most popular fabrics for these pants are wool and cotton.

Women’s trousers wide at hips


This type of pants is very trendy right now and it looks really feminine and elegant. These pants for women have folds at the waist and large patch pockets that offer practicality for everyday. They also have cut breeches and are made of lightweight fabrics.

They are offered in light colors perfect for the summer season such as olive, beige, peach colors, but also in dark shades that look very chick. There are wide leg cuffed pants for women.  They are made of silk, crepe, satin, wool.

Printed women’s pants


2019 fashion trends are also marked by the print trend. This trend is popular with pants too. Bright prints are very trendy now and one of them are cell and strip prints .They are followed by animal and flower prints.


We can choose also from pants with prints with drawings, a variety of inscriptions and geometric figures that add a modern touch to our stylish outfit.


Printed pants collections a usually stick to neutral colors but this year super popular are the colors black, dark blue, brown, purple, yellow, cobalt, lemon, pink, red, which can really spice up any outfit.

Culottes pants


This provocative trend is for the brave fashionistas. Despite its exotic style, it didn’t lost its fame and it kept its place among the top 2019 fashion trends for pants. Thanks to their unique design, you can get an eye-catching outfit by wearing these.

They can be of different fabrics such as, satin, wool, boucle, leather, satin and they can be also knitted. These pants are available in different colors: black ,white, pastel or  even emerald and also silver shades of metallic that add a modern elegance to the look.

Culottes pants are really versatile. They can be combined with different fashion styles:  casual, evening and even sport.


These pants are perfect for creating a multi-layered outfit. There are culottes pants with wide cuffs that add a touch of coziness. Remember that this type of pants visually adds a few kilos to the body shape due to their loose design so make sure you don’t over do it when choosing other clothes for combination with culottes.



Plaid pants

This unique trend reminds us of the fall season and the college dress code. It’s perfect for formal events and offers a college girl chic.

Flared women’s pants


This type of pants has flared legs and they can be found in different types of fabrics: denim, silk, leather and also velvet. They come in different designs: printed fabrics, interesting fabrics. There is a retro vibe to this type of pants and they add a touch of elegance to our outfit. Thy can be combined with different kinds of shoes and are suitable for formal events.


There are leather flared  women’s pants, cropped flared pants, plaid flared trousers and such models with prints  and decorative details: sequins, pinstripes. They can be found in different shades. The shortened models of flared pants are also in fashion this year.

Women’s pants with a high waistline



This specific trend maintained its position at the fashion show for more than one season. And we like it. Women’s trousers with slightly high waistline offer feminine elegance.  They come in a variety of models: skinny design sparkle pants, high-waisted ribbed trousers and skinny vinyl trousers. The elegant style of these pants can be emphasized by a belt.

Metallic leggings


This year shiny fabrics absolutely rule the fashion trends for all types of clothing. Metallic leggings are a perfect choice for party nights or informal dinners.  They are available in different fabrics like lame, foil, satin, patent leather, glitter. Metallic pants can be decorated with rhinestones and sequins and they can be found in a variety of colors-silver, bronze.

Banana style women’s pants


This kind of women’s pants is wide in hips and it narrows as it goes down to the bottom. These pants help us create a feminine silhouette thanks to their banana-like shape. They can be worn with a belt which best enhances the waistline. Banana style  pants for women can be made if leather, velvet and they can be cropped, pajama-style and with flared legs too.

Velvet trousers are not only beautiful in design but they  also offer warmth and comfort in the cold season. Their style is unusual and they add somewhat royal elegance to our outfit. They are rather suitable for slim and tall women.

Military-style pants


Another bold trend perfect for a walk in the city. These usually come in khaki color but they can be found in other colors as well. They look equally great with oversized T-shirts and dresses.



Treggings are the new hit of 2019. Treggings are pretty much similar to tight trousers, because of their decorational elements and colors. There are treggings  with inserts made of leather, wool or satin. These pants can be decorated also with metal or plastic fittings.


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