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What are some style tips for wearing a midi skirt?

Midi skirts has been out there for a long time and they will continue to be here. We are often afraid to wear them so as not to appear somewhat frumpy but they are in fact an amazing fashion piece....

Midi skirts has been out there for a long time and they will continue to be here. We are often afraid to wear them so as not to appear somewhat frumpy but they are in fact an amazing fashion piece. When combined and styled properly midi skirts can turn you into a fashion star. A midi skirt is an all time-fashion staple and every woman should have at least one pair. This type of skirt was popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s. Midi-skirts can be either casual or formal.

Also, they come in different designs and styles:

  • animal or flower print
  • Western trend
  • pleats
  • metallic fabrics
  • tie-die fabrics
  • monochrome
  • military style
  • high-waisted button up style
  • many other

midi skirt

Midi skirt is such a skirt that ends up at the mid calf. It can be styled in numerous ways which makes it an amazing fashion staple. With a midi-skirt we can achieve feminine and elegant look in a quick and effortless way.


Tips for choosing a midi skirt

midi skirt
Type 1

Pick up such a midi skirt that suits our body type. If you have a petite body type, you should choose a midi-skirt that ends up below or  the knees. When we are short, a midi-skirt will make us shorter. But if we choose a skirt that ends just below the knee, it won’t make our body look shorter and it still falls into the midi-skirt category.

Type 2

We should pick up a midi skirt that ends at mid-calf which is the exact spot a midi skirt should end. That is why when choosing a midi skirt we should bear in mind our height. Because sometimes it’s difficult to choose a midi-skirt that ends up at mid-calf, we may need to wear it shorter or get it corrected. 

midi skirt

Type 3

Pick up  a midi-skirt that is tight –fitting around the waist. A midi-skirt should start from the narrowest part of our waist. You can wear midi-skirt with a belt or alter the skin if it’s difficult for you to find a skirt that fits your waist in the correct way.

Type 4

It’s advisable to consult with a tailor when choosing a midi skirt. Find a skilled tailor to alter your midi-skirt to fit well your measurements. If you have a sewing machine and you are sure in your abilities, you can do the alterations yourself.

Type 5

midi skirt
A midi-skirt looks great when paired with a shirt. Give your outfit a shape by tucking your shirt into the skirt. Pick up a short fitted shirt which will add an effortless elegance to our look.

Type 6

Combine a loose shirt with a fitted skirt.  You can achieve a well-balanced look in this way. This combination is suitable for a slightly dressed up outfit ideal for a day out.

Type 7

Button-down shirts combined with a midi-skirt are an excellent way to achieve an elegant office look. We can either pair a button down shirt with a loose-fitting or tight midi-skirt. The shirt will be tucked into the skirt.

Tip 8

midi skirt

Pair a plain T-shirt or a plain top with the midi skirt. A simple design T-shirt is a great choice for midi skirts. Having this combination we can either wear our midi-skirt loose or fitted but it should be tucked in both ways.

We can add a statement necklace to this outfit to make it more complete. But we can wear this outfit without any jewellery to keep it casual as well.

Type 9

midi skirt

When looking for shoes for your midi-dress outfit, pick up such that don’t have ankle straps. That’s because when worn with midi- skirt  shoes with ankle straps make your legs look shorter. If we have naturally long legs already, we shouldn’t be scared by this combination. But if we don’t have long legs, a good choice for us are stilettos or basic pumps.

The other type of shoes suitable for midi-skirts are flats with pointed toes. Flats with an almond toe. When wearing flat shoes, considering wearing a shorter midi-skirt.

midi skirt

Ankle boots
may look elegant but they not combine really well with a midi-dress. We should opt for long boots instead. Choose a pair of boots that are long enough to come under the midi skirt. If you don’t have long boots, you can choose to wear ankle boots with opaque tights underneath.

midi skirt

A pair of sneakers always adds up a casual vibe to any outfit. Pick up a plain pair of sneakers and combine it with the midi-skirt to achieve an effortless urban look. Choose such sneakers  that  are of one color and wear them with a basic style T-shirt and a loose-fitting midi-skirt.

Type 10

A jacket is the ultimate fashion staple. Midi skirts look great when combined with a jacket that is tight-fitting around the waist. It look s great with a midi-skirt. Wear such a jacket that tightens around the waist with your midi skirt.


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