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The Secret Behind The Perfect Skirt

What makes a great skirt and why some skirts look better, complimenting your curves. And others not. Today we'll dive deeper into and dissect this vital item in a modern urban woman's wardrobe. Namely, THE SKIRT. But not just any skirt... 

The Secret Behind The Perfect Skirt

What makes a great skirt and why some skirts look better, complimenting your curves. And others not. Today we'll dive deeper into and dissect this vital item in a modern urban woman's wardrobe. Namely, THE SKIRT. But not just any skirt... The skirt that will make his knees weak. The skirt that will get you that raise you deserve at work. The skirt that would finally make your in-laws say "Hold on to that girl, Jeffrey".

Etsy (because we are also a Top rated Etsy seller) is a place where handmade authors try to help you stand out from the "fast fashion" brands at the big malls. Some Etsy brands do it better, some worse, but those like Locker Room are always one step ahead on your Favorite's list because we KNOW what you love about our clothes and we're not afraid to tell the world.

Without further ado, let's discuss in length and in pictures what makes a skirt The Perfect Skirt.  We'll tell you about two of the models that have been our customer's favorites for several seasons already and that's no lucky break, believe us :)


Let's start with one of our bestseller skirts, the feminine blue A-line midi skirt. We hear over and over from girls how they love combining it with a sleeveless top or even a light tank-top for their favorite warm-weather combo. 

Remember this "rule" - the safest way to make any outfit special is to combine 2 parts classic with 1 part sexy. Or, put simply, two safe moves + a bold one.

The Secret Behind The Perfect Skirt

Let's look at the blue skirt and what makes it special:

1) A-LINE WAIST -  positioned right where your waist is the slimmest, but not to high to give it a retro look, the A-line waists gives the skirt a modern touch and makes it extra sexy.
2) CURVY SILHOUETTE - tight skirts are sexy if you're twenty and on a kale-only diet. But we're grown, busy, active women and we need something that conveys class, rather than attract cheap attention. Making the skirt a bit looser in the hips gets the job perfectly done.
3) JUST UNDER THE KNEES - your knees are one of your sexiest body parts for any man worth impressing. Hiding them very slightly - just enough to cover them while standing up is a great trick. Once you start walking or cross your legs, your knees become visible for a brief moment which makes them all the sexier.

The Secret Behind The Perfect Skirt

Let's now see what's going on on the back of our blue skirt:

1) LOVELY BUTTONING - buttons are not something to go wild with but putting them in the right places gives the skirt a lovely finishing. Remember, beauty is in the details.
2) PROMINENT ZIPPER LINE - the zipper itself is not visible, but the line that hides does the magic. It implies that the zipper goes low enough to provoke some spicy thoughts in a man's imagination.
3) TOP CHOICE - despite technically not having anything to do with the skirt, the top you put on will "make or break" the skirt itself. Here you can see the beautiful contrast between the white and the blue, as well as the symmetry between the top (1/3) and the skirt (2/3). Just perfect.


OK, so two parts classic, one part sexy again. But are only short skirts sexy, or are there longer skirts you can use to build a killer outfit? Well, we're glad you asked :) Look at that beauty:

The Secret Behind The Perfect Skirt

1) HIGH WAIST - as the name suggests, the high waist is one of the main elements that makes this gorgeous skirt a bestseller. Long skirts are long to begin with, but the high waist makes it even longer, visually making your legs endless.
2) LAYERED STRUCTURE - long skirts are normally tighter, especially urban models. But we at Locker Room don't follow the rules too much in our made-to-measure clothes. We decided to layer the skirt a bit below the waist to see what comes out. That was 2 years ago. The rest is history...
3) MASCULINE TOUCH - Making the bottom part of the skirt follow the legs kind of makes it look like trousers from an angle, which is a sought-for affect. It's that bold move that will make a garment stand out, and yourself too.

The Secret Behind The Perfect Skirt

Let's now look at the back:

1) SHORT BELT - High-waist skirt can easily break the aesthetics of the feminine outfit, making proportions seem odd, so we're always on the lookout for ways to reduce this risk when we sew a high-waist model. Here we just made the skirt belt shorter in height. This makes both the skirt and your silhouette more feminine.
2) FLOWER SHAPE - another bold move, when you think about it. Few brands dare introduce a girly element into a grown-up woman's skirt but we at Locker Room love doing that. And it makes the skirt pop, as you see for yourself.
3) YELLOW AT HEART - never underestimate the power of colors. The yellow used in this skirt is not outrageous but subtle and feminine. And yet, yellow is yellow. Whenever you want to make a statement, go for yellow :)

Well, That's it for now.  You have a bunch of new examples how to spot a great skirt (or any piece of clothing for that matter) - 2 parts classic, 1 bold move. Locker Room's skirts are ALL made this way to make you feel and look better in your own skin.

No go kick ass and don't forget to share your thoughts and questions with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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