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Short, medium or long skirts?

How to choose the right length of skirt for us? The skirt is one of the most feminine fashion pieces a woman can own and they come in all designs, colors and styles. Almost every woman has one in her...

How to choose the right length of skirt for us?

The skirt is one of the most feminine fashion pieces a woman can own and they come in all designs, colors and styles. Almost every woman has one in her wardrobe. There are skirts for every body type, mood and season. Besides the color and the fabric, we need to choose the right length of our skirt.


This is more of a matter of personal preference. The choice should depend on our requirement for comfort . Other determining factors are of course the season, the occasion as well as our body type and how much skin we want to reveal. To look stunning means to carefully choose the right skirt for our figure which enhances its best features.

Each of us has unique legs with an individual shape. That is why when choosing a skirt length, we should consider the shape and size of our legs. The first step when choosing a skirt length is to consider our body shape first.


There is no right or wrong length. We should know that perfect length does not exist. It is a relative term and it solely depends on the body type and how the specific skirt suits us. However there are some basic rules to follow when picking up your new skirt.

For example, a skirt may change the way our legs look depending on where its hemline ends. So, the second thing is we should choose a skirt that ends at the right spot of the leg.

The main goal for us is that the hemline ends at a small part of the leg rather than at the wider part of the leg- the grey zone. Our goal should be to hit the blue zone. Here we will explain what these zones exactly mean. 

Gray zone

 When the hemline ends at the wider part of the leg this is called “the gray zone”.

Blue zone

When the hemline ends at the thin part of the leg this is called “the blue zone”.


Picking skirts according to different factors

According to body type

Just above/just below/at the knee length


This length is considered unique and skirts with this length are one of the most flattering types. If you have a petite body, the most recommended skirt length for you is just above the knee.

Just below the knee

You can combine a skirt that ends just below the knee with a tight .This skirt can be worn at both casual and formal events.

Knee length

Skirts that end right at the knee equally “divide” the legs in two halves. In shape these skirts form a straight line. This creates a proportion between the area of the legs that is covered and the area that isn’t and thus helping us get a balanced look. Knee length skirts can be combined with many clothing pieces.

Full length


Full length skirts are suitable for tall women. And if you are tall, then you should feel lucky as you can wear all types of skirts. Full length skirts that are flowing look great on women with tall height and they are perfect for the spring and summer season.

Mini skirts


Some women  like wearing  mini skirts, some not.  Generally this type of skirt is recommended for women with long and thin legs and it can be worn at most casual events. In general short skirts suit best petite women, especially A-line skirts.


A short skirt enhances the figure and helps us achieve an impressive silhouette.  One rule for wearing a mini skirt is that its hemline shouldn’t be across the widest part of the thigh because it visually makes the thighs appear bigger. Mini skirts can be paired with black tights in the winter season.


The addition of slit is another great way to make our legs look longer and slimmer. The slit adds size to the body which is a super option for petite women. If you own a mini skirt that has become too short for you, wear it with a tight or turn it into a swimming suit cover up in the summer. Some types of skirts can be modified and hemmed.


If you are a tall woman who wants to wear a mini skirt, you should stay away from high-waisted mini skirts and choose such that are a bit lower instead. By covering larger part of the legs, this type of mini skirt will make the outfit look both attractive and classy.

Midi skirts


If you are average in height, midi skirts are a good choice for you. These cover the widest part of the calf and they are consequently not for every body shape.

Midi skirts end just below the knee and because of that an hourglass figure is achieved. As they cover the calf, they can visually add volume to our legs. Therefore we may want to choose such a midi skirt that ends at the thin part of the calf.


If your calves and ankles are naturally large, it’s recommended for you to wear your midi skirts with tights or boots. Midi skirts combine best with high heels or shoes in a nude color as they naturally “shorten” the leg and we need a shoe that will add length.


The good thing about midi skirts is that their length allows to be worn in any wheather depending on the fabric of course.

Maxi skirts

Long skirts (also called maxi skirts) are unique because they look flattering to all body types. They look good on petite women too.


Maxi skirts look best when they end above the ankle bone and when their length reaches the floor. In the first case they can be combined with flat shoes and in the second they pair best with high-heeled shoes. If you have chosen a maxi skirt that covers the whole length of your legs, then you should wear a top piece that reveals your neck or arms to balance the look. Slits on maxi dresses look very elegant and add style to our outfit. They also have a “slimming” effect.

According to occasion

Casual events


Midi skirts have the ideal length for informal events. A midi skirt offers a modest and yet fashionable style.



The rule here is that your skirt should not be too short or too long. Skirts that are too short aren’t suitable for the office and skirts that are too long somehow suggest you are coming from the beach. Pencil skirts are one of the best skirt types for the office. They end just below the knee and look flattering and really classy.



When it comes to parties with friends, the skirt choices are limitless as there aren’t restrictions concerning the length of the skirt. If you are going to a party with your friends, a mini skirt seems like a good idea. If you are going to a party with colleagues, pick up a more formal looking skirt-either midi or maxi. A skirt ending slightly above the knee is considered a good length for an office party.


Formal events/Weddings


Pencil skirts are a great choice for formal events. Some events may not have a dress code and here is no general rule for the choice of skirt length. If it’s formal, just make sure to pick up a skirt that covers the thighs. Full-length dresses are the best choice for weddings.


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