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How to choose women's activewear?

If you lead an active life style and want to get yourself some brand-new sport clothes, you should be careful making your choice. Not everything that looks great in the store feels or fits the same. No matter if you...


If you lead an active life style and want to get yourself some brand-new sport clothes, you should be careful making your choice. Not everything that looks great in the store feels or fits the same.

No matter if you are just starting out as a gym enthusiast or you have been into sports for a couple of years-buying activewear may be confusing sometimes. There are thousands of active wear types and models out there and we feel overwhelmed. There are a couple of things to consider before buying your next activewear clothing.


What signs to look for when buying a new activewear?

What most of us probably do is focus on the brand. Whether the brand is trusted or not, the main thing we should focus on is not appearance, but our comfort.

Top things to look for in active wear

Comfortable fit


When choosing women’s activewear the first thing we should look for is how well it fit us. When trying the clothes in the clothing store, we should try to repeat some of the movements we do at the gym. For example run into place as if you are on the treadmill to see if the clothes stretch enough to allow you freedom of your movements. If you feel the pants start to slowly slide down or the t-shirt chafes the skin under your armpits, this is not the right activewear for you.

If we are not feeling comfortable moving in these clothes, then it’s not a good idea to buy them. This is important since when working out your attention should not be constantly diverted away from your workout on your clothes. This is not only annoying but also unproductive and makes your performance poor. Activewear should offer us flexibility and be made of breathable materials because practicing any type of sport should be a joyful experience.


Activеwear clothes should motivate us and make us feel super comfortable all the time we wear them. They should encourage us to workout and love to workout not lose our time and make us feel uncomfortable. Good workout clothes should get us psyched up for the workout even before entering the gym.

Type of sport activity

Another important thing to consider is the type of sport activity we will do in the clothes. No matter if it’s running, jogging, pilates, aerobics, yoga, zumba, fitness, dancing, etc- we should pick up the sport outfit designed for our sport. If you tend to do different types of activities in your sport schedule then pick up such an activewear outfit that is with basic design and can offer comfort during any physical activity.


We should choose such active wear that is suitable for the sport activity we are practicing and they actually help us do it the right way. Otherwise we risk looking absurd and compromise our comfort and performance.  Our sport clothes should not be too tight or too loose. They should be easily put on and easily removed even after a sweaty workout session.

Their stitching should be strong and well made and also their materials should be stretchable and don’t restrict our movements. Perfect fit activewear definitely provide us with an appealing look and elegant style. Well-designed workout outfit always contributes to a stylish-looking appearance in the sport hall and a smile on our face.



The breathability of the materials of our sport clothing is really important especially in the warmer months. The summer season requires clothes that dry quickly, keep our body cool in any activity. Consider where you are working out too – outdoor or indoor.

Of course when it’s cold we would prefer long tank tops, pants, jackets, leggings, and when it’s hot – shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops, capris. We should feel cool and super light  in the summer and warm but not too warm in the winter since after the pre-workout warm up our body temperature increases. Make sure you pick up active wear made of high quality clothes.

Good bra support


Ladies, a quality and comfy active wear bra is a must for any sport activity. When choosing a sport bra the level of support is of big importance. We should pick up the right bra for our bust size. In the case of sport bras we have an abundance of choices too.

We can choose simple model black sport bra or multi-strap bralette. When choosing a sport bra, bear in mind the type of sport activity you are planning to do in the first place. Remember that when lifting weights we don’t need as much support as we need during cardio for example.


Another thing we should pay attention to is how easy we can remove the sport bra. If removing a bra is a workout, then you should pick another one.

When choosing active wear, simplicity is key. Good design is important, but comfortable fit is essential since it makes us feel good inside and out.

Pick matching upper and lower activewear


It’s not necessary to choose a full outfit. We can buy our upper and lower wear separately and combine them according to color, material and design. By changing our active wear outfits we refresh our sport style and our workouts will never be boring. 

Pick up your active wear in bright colors and fashion design which will really spice up your look. With the power of color and sport wear designs you can truly change the way your body look and consequently your workout mood too which increases motivation.

When our sport outfit is stylish and trendy, this increases our confidence and thus our positive attitude towards our workout.  A sporty-looking and comfortable activewear not only makes us look well put-together and attractive but also improves our performance – the key to an energetic and effective workout.

Activewear shoes


Sport shoes are a very important component of our activewear outfit. Their top most role is to offer stability and comfort during our activity and moreover- they should be durable. If you want to have a good workout, don’t underestimate the quality and the design of your shoes. The right fitting shoes protect us from injuries and help us do our workout with correct form.


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