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How to be more comfortable wearing skirts/dresses?

If you love fashion, then your wardrobe is 100% likely to contain short dresses. Choosing to wear a short skirt adds instant fashion style to our outfit in an effortless way. Women like wearing skirts / dresses because it makes...

If you love fashion, then your wardrobe is 100% likely to contain short dresses. Choosing to wear a short skirt adds instant fashion style to our outfit in an effortless way. Women like wearing skirts / dresses because it makes them fell feminine and fashionable.

Dress or skirt- which one is better?

Both are great clothing staples depending on how they are accessorized and matched with other clothing of course. The short skirt is always in fashion and it is a timeless wardrobe staple. You won’t regret if you try out this on-trend wardrobe item. Short skirts with a simple design in one color are especially suitable for combining with different types of clothing ideal for every season or mood.

Тhe skirt is a unique fashion staple that almost every woman should own. It’s really versatile and it instantly adds a touch of femininity and elegance to our outfit.  A well-chosen short skirt/dress is flattering to the shape of our body.

A skirt or a dress can really spice up an outfit given that it’s selected carefully and accessorized in the right way. Short skirts come in all shapes and designs and it’s not very hard to find the right model for our fashion taste. Depending on the given  skirt / dress design we can make our look either cute and girly or elegant and sophisticated.


Dresses that are short in size have many advantages too, one of which is their ability to make us visually look taller as they show a big part of our legs. But this exact fact make some women scared of wearing a short dresses. Wearing a short skirt can make us feel overexposed and inappropriate.

The fact that this type of dress is short can make some of us uncomfortable to wear it at public places. Picking a skirt that doesn’t suit our body type and isn’t the right fit may leave us feeling ashamed and out of place.

No one can deny that the short skirt is such a clothing item that cannot be worn at every occasion. But there are such short skirt models that are suitable to be worn at more types of events and make us feel and look amazing and comfortable in our skin.

It is possible to look stylish and put together and feel comfortable in the same time while barring our legs.If you want to find a way to wear a short skirt the right way that suits the shape of your figure, then follow our tips.

How to actually feel good when wearing a short skirt?

Sometimes it can be hard to pick up the right short skirt that makes us feel comfortable when our legs are at exposure. But if you follow our tips, you can enjoy the freedom and fashion vibe that short skirts provide.

One  key way to feeling comfortable while wearing a skirt is to pick up the right size and model that suits our body type. When talking about the color choice it depends again on our body type and personal preference for style.

 For those of you who feel really insecure when wearing a short skirt, you can try wearing  small sport or bike spandex shorts underneath. They offer coverage in a case of wind or when we are bending.

Best types of short skirts

Flared/A-line skirt

Tight-fit sleek skirts look definitely very elegant and feminine. But they can make us feel rather uncomfortable especially if we are wearing them for many hours through the day.

Tight skirts tend to ride up the legs after standing and sitting and we are urged to correct the skirt. This creates discomfort and it’s not a suitable option for every woman. When we are in a standing position most types of short skirts usually have a hemline a few centimeters above the mid thigh level.

Picking a short skirt of this model can bring us comfort and freedom of movement while wearing it. Choose such a short skirt model that isn’t fitted and it’s flaring out. This creates great comfort and yet it makes us look fabulous.

We should pick up a short skirt with loose structure that offers us free movement. Pleated skirts, button-down skirts and skater skirts are also a good choice for those of us who seek comfort and functionality in our clothing.

These types of skirts have a flowy design and this makes them comfortable for wearing. They are super comfortable for wearing. Good material choices are corduroy, silk and velvet.



The one downside of wearing a short skirt with a loose fit is that when it’s windy it tend to billow and pulling it down is annoying. To prevent this from happening we can choose to wear a short skirt made of thick denim, corduroy or wool which doesn’t flare too much but it still offers a great level of comfort.

Short skirt that fits at the waist

One great way to feel comfortable when you wear a short skirt is to pick up such a model with a waistband that fits our natural waist. As the waistline is the most narrow part of our torso, this makes our body look slim. Because this type of short skirt falls at a normal length, it brings us a feeling of security by covering our midsection.

Pick up a skirt with an elastic waistband that allows us to move around freely and still look stylish without compromising our comfort.

Flared skirts that follow the natural line of our waist help us achieve the look of an elongated body especially if we are short or curvy.


High-low skirt

This type of skirt is a good option as it provides more coverage. High-low skirts are short in the front but longer in the back. Wearing these won’t be a problem when moving around or bending. High-low skirts can be paired with casual style tops and shoes.

Tight-fit skirt

If you prefer the tight-fit design skirt, then you should choose a skirt made of a stretchy material or such that is slightly longer. The skirt will still look good but the extra length of the material won’t allow it to ride up. Best fabrics for tight-fit skirts that are extra longer are denim and knit fabrics.




Skorts are skirts with built-in shorts and they provide comfort and protect us from an accidental exposure. When picking up a skort make sure its skirt panels fall lower than the hidden shorts.


Best clothes to combine with short skirt

 Short skirts look great with:

  • loose shirts
  • sweaters
  • long sleeve
  • quarter-sleeve tops
  • Coats and cardigans are excellent picks for layering
  • When it comes to shoes, short skirts can be paired with almost anything


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