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How do women choose dresses?

It’s a fact that clothes change not only the way we look, but also the way we feel about ourselves and really have the ability to influence our mood. Our choice of clothing is an act of self-care for ourselves....

How do women choose dresses?

It’s a fact that clothes change not only the way we look, but also the way we feel about ourselves and really have the ability to influence our mood. Our choice of clothing is an act of self-care for ourselves. No matter the occasion, our clothes reveal our identity and portray our image to the world.

There is an evidence that there is a link between the clothing we choose and our mental state at the moment of the decision. Studies have shown that clothing can improve our mood, make us feel more confident and relaxed, reduce stress and even urge us to try new things in our daily lives and look in a  different way towards things.

There are several existing myths related to how men and women shop

In this article we will explain which of them are true and which are just myths. Stereotypes don’t always show us the reality.

How do women choose dresses?


It’s well-known that women pick up clothes in a different way than men. Another thing that plays a role in women’s choice of clothes is the sensory aspect. Women are influenced by the way clothes look, their colors, how they feel on the skin and even their smell. Therefore we can conclude that clothes go beyond the appearance and they are a true form of self- expression for women.


How do women choose dresses?

It’s no surprise for anyone that women spend more time than men choosing their clothing and accessories on any given day. Sometimes picking the right outfit can be a real challenge. Whether women are picking clothes for work place, evening, holidays, day or night parties, etc., the choice definitely takes some time.

A study shows that women spend a total of 287 days in deciding what clothes to wear. And they also showed that a big chunk of this time was spent on Fridays and Saturdays night out or picking up suitable clothes for a holiday. On average it took women 16 to 20 min. every weekday to choose the daily outfit and approximately 14 to 52min. even on a Saturday or Sunday. Their age is between 16 and 60.

How do women choose dresses?

Another curious fact is that women try on one or two outfits before finally deciding what to wear for the given day. Dinner parties took most of the women’s time for clothes picking. For dinner parties or Christmas events women can spend up to 36 min. every time. A woman needs to feel unique and beautiful in the clothes she is wearing and that is one of the reasons why women spend more time than men picking up their clothes.

How do women choose dresses?

In general, women tend to pick up clothes depending on their mood and current emotional state, while men tend to pick up clothes depending on how people perceive them.  A global UK study of 12,000 people shows that women choose clothes according to the way they make them fell.

The women that took part in this research told that when wearing certain clothes they felt more confident, empowered and more happy in general. Therefore, the conclusion is that clothes play an important role in our well-being as they can help us achieve a positive state of mind.

How do women choose dresses?

On the other hand, men in UK told that their choice of clothes was based on how they think society will view them and especially their circle of friends and their workplace. Women like clothes that make them beautiful and comfortable in their own skin while men liked clothes that make them feel more professional and put-together. Data from polls also shows that when it comes to shopping speed is important for men while women pay more attention to the price.



What’s the difference between female and male shopping?



How do women choose dresses?

Some people like shopping, some don’t. The common belief is that women like to do shopping more than men. Yes, that’s true. Women do like shopping. For some women it’s a form of therapy and some women do it on behalf of their closed ones. But this doesn’t mean that men do some thoughtless buying choices or make a poorer shopping decisions than women. Sometimes when women are shopping, they search in order to stumble upon a pre-meditated purchase.

One of the main differences between the ways women and men shop is that women enjoy “the hunt”for  clothes, they enjoy the process f searching. On the other hand men prefer to find what they are searching for in a quick and effortless way. Some men will prefer to do anything other than shopping for clothes. Women like the process viewing different clothes while men like to find exactly what they need without spending so much time and energy in the process.

Another difference is that women would try up to five sizes to determine which one they want, while men want to try as less as possible. Men want to find the right fit at their first try otherwise shopping seems a frustrating task.

For men shopping has to be simple: enter the store, find the thing that suits you straight away and get out.  And this is one of the reasons why men don’t like online shopping.  They just don’t like the idea of in-store returns of clothing that doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations.

How do women choose dresses?

Men are believed to be fast buyers but in fact studies show that men like to research in detail the clothing brands before taking the decision to purchase. Men think carefully before making their choice as much as women do.

Men would prefer a small collection want to get clothing that suits their needs. For men shopping seems like a chore, for women shopping can be a whole adventure. It’s a fact that online shopping is getting better and has improved over the last couple of years.

Although women shop online more often than men, both genders don’t like certain aspects of online shopping. These are problems like slow delivery websites online clothing stores that load slowly, security issues. Both genders like mobile devices in shopping stores that speed up the shopping process.

Studies about shopping show that women are generally more influenced by social media when making shopping decisions. They are also more influenced by their emotions than men when buying clothing. The reason for this is simple- women buy on behalf of other people too-husbands, kids, family, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. and their decisions what clothes to buy carry an emotional element.

How do women choose dresses?

Both men and women read reviews and ratings before deciding on an online clothing purchase. Men are likely to spend up to 30 min. on average before deciding which clothing to buy. But women are more likely than men to care about being able to purchase clothing online and be able return it in-store.

The conclusion is that no matter the gender, most retail shoppers want speed and convenience in their shopping. Both men and women hate it when they have to wait in long lines in clothing stores. And who does? Although men and women truly shop in a different way, their end goals are pretty much similar to each other– making the best choice, getting the best price while being as time-efficient as possible in the process.

 Both men and women have equal goals when doing their shopping: finding the item they are searching for,  finding a product with best price/quality ratio, getting value for their money, polite and professional assistance from the staff, secure and safe payment methods.





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