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How can I dress hot while still being modest? - 1200

Clothing offers a means of expressing our own style and personality. For this reason many people love fashion. There are some established standards about what  style is modest and what is hot. And there  is an eternal conflict between the...

Clothing offers a means of expressing our own style and personality. For this reason many people love fashion. There are some established standards about what  style is modest and what is hot. And there  is an eternal conflict between the two opposites: looking too hot and looking too modest.

Fashion is a whole art and in order to wear clothes properly and in a stylish way, we should follow some fashion tips. In our attempt to be trendy some of us try to stay somewhere in the middle with our clothing while others go too far in one of these directions.

In the end of the day it's up to you which style you are going to prefer. The most important thing is to stick to your individual fashion preference and personal style not just try to follow the recent trends as not each trend is ok for every one to wear it.

To look equally hot and modest you need to create a balanced look. Every clothing item should complement the other. The key to always looking stylish and having a balanced look is somewhere between too boring and too provocative.

Every fashionista wants to look cool and awesome. And everyone wants to feel sexy sometimes. But how to look hot without being vulgar and not too frumpy in the same time. It’s completely possible to look both sexy and modest with the power of fashion. Balance is the key here.

This may be easier said than done because different people have different ideas of what clothing is sexy and what is modest.The meaning of "modest" is humble, understated,conservative, traditional.

The meaning of "hot" is brave, beautiful, seductive, rebelious, scandalous. But these are relative terms since as we said every person may perceive one and the same clothing item in a different way according to their beliefs.


With a couple of fashion tricks everyone can look amazing and on point. If you're searching for ways to get a sexy and casual look in an effortless way while maintaining decency, we have a few tips for you. It’s not hard to achieve a wardrobe that offers both modest and hot style and the two styles are perfectly balanced. The moment you do this, there is no doubt that you will make a good impression wherever you go.


Tips how to look both modest and hot

Play with color

It is proven that bold colors like red, black and purple make us more attractive. So, don’t be afraid of colorful patterns in your outfit. This holds true especially for the red color.   A black dress always look great when paired with red stilettos for example. Adding a colorful scarf too will make this look complete.

Try to incorporate more red into your wardrobe. Red clothes can be very powerful tool in our wardrobe. If you use red in moderation you can be a real fashion star.  The red effect actually exists and has been proven numerous times in studies.

Studies have shown that there are a couple of biological factors that actually make women seem more attractive to men when wearing red. The same is  true for men as they are seen by women as being more dominant when wearing red clothing. Red will definitely make you sexier, even if you are wearing oversized sweater. In this case what matters most is the color, not the type of clothing.

Pair boring clothing pieces with hot ones

Variety is important when it comes to getting a semi-modest/semi-hot look. Mix and match sexy and boring clothes. Pick up your more casual and relaxed clothing and wear it with some hot clothing pieces. This will create  a balance between sexy and casual. Don’t be afraid to mix up different lengths, styles, and fits.

To get a casual look you can wear things that drape. Combine them with some tight-fitting clothing to achieve a sexy look. Pick up a top in a modest design and choose a skirt that looks hot to enhance your legs.

Pick up a dress that exposes your neck and wear it with your hair down. Choose dresses with short sleeves or quarter length and the dre should end at the knee.

In the cold months combine this look with a snug coat. Pick up a dress with a bodice that is fitting your body well. This will create a feminine silhouette and a very elegant outfit.

 For example, choose to wear a short bottom, such as a mini shirt and wear it with a long sleeved top or a turtleneck.Combine low cut or open back shirt with trendy wide-leg pants.

To bring the focus on your curves combine a flowy top with jeans. Adding a belt will finish the look.

Remember that by adding layers we are going  to the modest fashion direction. And by adding the correct accessories and jewelry we are adding some sexy vibe to our outfit.

Choose different textures

Choose to wear textures like lace and leather to create an elegant look. Black leather pants look very hot. By wearing a lace top you can show just a little bit some skin while still maintaining a casual look.

Enhance your natural body shape

Wear  clothing that enhances the best features of your body. Avoid clothing that is too baggy or too tight.  Stay away from bulky sweaters. Wear slimming dark colored turtlenecks instead. Slap baggy t-shirts with tight v-necks and looser skirts with tight pencil skirts.

If you wish, you can enhance your arms by wearing sleeveless tops. Choose some tops and dresses that have open backs to accentuate your back. Short skirts and dresses are the best way to show off your legs.

 A long sleeved knee length body glove dress still enhances your body shape. And high waisted pants combined  with a cropped flowy top shows your legs and hips but still keeps the look balanced.


Pick up clothing that suits you perfectly

Buying  a clothing of the right size is the right path to a balanced wardrobe. If you wear clothing that is too big or too small for you can bring the focus to the wrong parts of your body.

In your fashion style it’s good to leave something to the imagination. Showing more skin does not always mean sexy. Wearing clothing that is flattering to your figure and doesn’t reveal much is the best way to be elegant.

When it comes to choosing clothing for official events, it’s not necessary to always wear a dress to look elegant.

A woman can still look amazing and ultra elegant with trousers. As long as they are figure flattering, we can wear them at fancy events. They can be combined with a low-cut top or a crop top. Add a blazer and there you have your sexy and casual fashionable outfit.



Don’t forget that good fashion taste includes the underwear as well. Make sure it fits you well and it’s of good quality. A quality underwear is worth our money as it’s flattering to the body. This will not only make you feel more confident in your outfit but it will also achieve that elegant and balanced look you strive for.


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