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Can short women wear long dresses?

    A long dress looks very elegant and feminine It’s an important clothing piece in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman.Long dresses are always in fashion especially in the summer season but also in other seasons too depending on the...



A long dress looks very elegant and feminine

It’s an important clothing piece in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman.Long dresses are always in fashion especially in the summer season but also in other seasons too depending on the fabrics it’s made of.

Long (also called maxi dresses) should be on the top of our holiday packing list. They are super versatile and compact. Whether you need a dress for an exquisite event or you need a comfortable dress to wear at a faraway beach-a maxi dress is always a good idea. This fashion item is perfect when we are short for time.

long dress

The fact that you are short should not stop you from getting advantage of this wonderful fashionable women clothing. Your only job is to pick up a long dress with a such a design that doesn’t make you look shorter.

If you are short, it’s very important for you to create the visual illusion of length in your outfit is one of the key factors. By choosing the right patterns and colors you can look tall and still wear a beautiful long dress. One way to do this is to get a column of colors. In other words the dress you choose to wear should create something like a vertical line.

Choose long dresses that are one-piece

These are not only more convenient but also save us the time of finding the best pair of matching tops and bottoms.

long dress

Make sure that the long dress doesn’t reach the ground as your shoes won’t be seen and the outfit will be spoiled. So ankle-length dress is a better option.

As long as you pick up the right design and wear it combined with the right accessories, the long skirt will look great on your petite body.

There is a bohemian vibe to a long dress and it looks flattering on most body types when picked up in a simple design. The fact that it can be worn at different events makes it a perfect fashionable choice.

Long dresses are versatile and with no doubt really comfortable. Thanks to its lightweight fabrics, the long dress is an amazing option for a beach vacation.

long dress

So can short women wear long dresses?

The answer is yes. And they should! Long dresses look amazing on short women too as long as they are stylized in the right way and combined with matching clothing pieces.

Most stylists recommend short women to wear short dresses or short skirts. To a certain extent this is true and there is a logic to this advice since a woman who is short in height will look taller when showing more length of her legs, not less. 

long dress

Surprisingly long dresses can look stunning even on short women. As long as we pick up the right long dress design that is body- flattering there is nothing we should worry about.

As this is the case with most types of clothing, petite women should wear clothes that don’t make them even more shorter. The goal will always be to make our body visually more elongated.

long dress

If you are petite woman, you should choose you long skirts wisely so that you don’t end up feeling like you are wearing something similar to a sleeping bag.

long dress

When picking up your next long dress, go for solid or monochromatic colors. It’s recommended to stick to black colors since they have a “slimming” ability. If you are skinny petite then you can afford add a bit of color here and there. But if you are plus size then you should opt for dark shades of the long dress. Long dresses in one solid color are a perfect choice for petite women.

long dress

If we want to achieve a color block, we should better choose our long dress in monochromatic colors. Color-block dyed long dresses are not a very good option for short women.

Two-piece long dresses are not a good option either because this type of dresses visually divides our height in half and it doesn’t make us taller at all.

Another great option for short girls is the long dress with a side slit. High/low hem long dresses also create the effect of a tall body. Stick to dresses with empire or high waist lines. You can wear belt above the waistline to get the illusion of a tall figure.

long dress

We should be careful also with the different patterns on the dresses. This task may be difficult since long dresses come in a big variety of prints. Make sure to choose such that suit your petite body. The long dress have to be with a print that is proportionate to our size.

Short women should choose dresses with small and subtle prints. Bold prints that are visible from a far distance will spoil the effect of a long body.


This will achieve the opposite effect of this we wish – an elongated figure. If you have a short body but it’s medium built, then you should choose dress prints of  medium size . If you are petite and plus size, choose your long dress in medium prints. Stay away from horizontally inclined prints since they make the body visually more wide.


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