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Are tops and leggings Western dress?

There are some fashion staples that every woman has in her wardrobe and loves to wear. One of them are tops and leggings. Thanks to their simple design they combine really well with other types of clothing and with their...


There are some fashion staples that every woman has in her wardrobe and loves to wear. One of them are tops and leggings. Thanks to their simple design they combine really well with other types of clothing and with their help we can achieve a stunning undying fashion outfit.


But where our favourite tops and leggings come from?

The history of Western clothing relates to the type of clothing worn in Western Europe, the Americas, and countries under European or American influence.  Western wear is a kind of men's and women's clothing gets its one in a kind style from the clothes worn in the 19th-century Wild West.

This period is also called “The golden age” for cowboys. According to historical data people started wearing Western style clothes in 1750 and continued until World War II. Since the 1800 cowboy fashion has been an important element in Western culture.

The iconic western fashion has evolved through the years from just a practical everyday workwear to a formal and fancy to some extent clothing that is both comfortable and stylish.


Tops and leggings originate from Western fashion. Western fashion was created by American Indians. The first European travelers saw the convenience of Western clothing (and especially this of leather) and adopted this style. Cowboys started using leather in many clothing pieces: We have all heard about cowboys and have seen their hats, jeans, trousers and fringed leather jackets, vests, tall boots.


Not only movies but also fashion industry has never stopped gaining inspiration from their style through the years.  The initial purpose of western attire was practical. Its role was to offer protection during ranch work and also keep the body safe from the environment.


Western style clothing includes a combination of stylistic and cultural traditions that go beyond the Western borders. In the past men started wearing western clothing first, but women who also spent much time working in the ranch, saw its practical advantage too and followed.

During the Wild West era in the 1900s split skirts gained popularity. In the 1910s showgirls started wearing Western clothing but they stuck to their personal choice rather than the traditional designs of the clothing that American Indians wore. In this way cowgirls’ fashion was born. Western clothing includes denim and focuses on light and loose materials that add feminine chic to our look.


Tops and leggings are part of Western wear. They have come a long way to become this type of clothing what we recognize today. Their simple design is one of the reasons why we love wearing them.

Western clothes are perfect for everyday wear as they offer us comfort and free movement while making us stylish in the same time. Western style wear will probably never go out of style since it brings a mix of both classic vintage and rebellious spirit in its design. Western tops and leggings come in different designs. They can be elegant or edgy, feminine or convenient.

Fashion staples part of Western wear has become very stylish as elaborate decorations were being added to the clothes. Slowly western clothes started to transform from simple design everyday work clothes to fashionable clothing pieces.


Tops and leggings are amazing because they can be worn in different combinations. We can achieve a stunning look just by changing a few details in our outfit. They can be combined with chambray shirts, plaid tunics, leather or utility  jackets, oversized sweaters, puffer vests,  cozy hoodies, long cardigans, tunic tees. Riding/hunter boots look especially amazing with leggings and create a cowgirl look.

Tips how to combine tops and legging


Pick out leggings that fit you well. They should not be too tight or too loose as in both cases they may look unflattering when they aren’t the right size for you.

Leggings combine perfectly with a longer top or jacket. If the top or shirt ends below our butt, we may look like as if we didn’t put all our clothes and our outfit will look somehow unfinished.

Leggings are among our favourite fashion staples as they can be combined in numerous ways. Leggings can be worn with a skirt, shorts or dress.


Pick up the right pair of shoes for your leggings. They can be worn with sandals, knee high boots, low cut boots, ballet flats, moccasins, even flip flops. Make sure the color of the shoes matches this of your top or shirt. Longer leggings look better than cropped.

While leggings make a poor combination with tops that end at the waist, jeggings on the other hand combine well with short tops or shirts. Jeggings are similar to leggings but they have denim style and they are a cross between jeans and leggings. Tight-fitting jeggings are a perfect way to spice up any outfit and achieve a sleek city look.


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