Are expensive clothes better quality?


This question is often asked by the fashion fans. The general belief is that high quality clothes last longer than those of low quality and feеl better. But is it actually true? We can see that our culture makes us go to purchasing extremes: we either pay a lot of money for expensive clothes or as little as possible for cheap clothes.

Thanks to the fact there is an abundance of fashion stores offering sales in every season we are somewhat used to the way of thinking that clothes should come at the lowest price possible and they are disposable items and should be replaced at the end of the fashion trend.


Are expensive clothes really worth their money?

No one can deny that a well-dressed person is visible from kilometers. Sometimes it’s easy to tell apart low quality clothes from expensive clothing. When we see the person, we definitely know they have spent more money on the certain item.

But there are times when it’s difficult to determine which clothing item is original and which is fake since manufacturers of replica clothes are improving their production technologies to make their replicas look as close to the original as possible.

Main reasons to buy clothes of high quality


They have a long life

It’s true that clothes coming at a high price last longer than those we can buy from cheap brands. You probably noticed how quickly that cheap garment you have found out at a sale just after a few wears out it loses its shape and eventually falls apart.

Clothes of high quality are made to last and they are manufactured in a better way. Every aspect of expensive clothes is of better quality and made with an attention to detail: high-end fabrics, stitching. It’s a fact that high quality clothes have more stitching per square inch which makes the clothing item to serve its  role more years ahead.


Another reason to choose high quality clothing over cheap clothing is the cost per wear. Of course we are often tempted by the low price and consider it a better option in the current moment. But in the long run the high-priced clothing wins the race. Its materials and stitching are more durable and can survive longer. Since expensive clothing can outlive cheap clothing there is no need to replace it too often.

What is cost per wear?


It’s an equation that shows how much money you will spend per wear on an item in connection to how long you will have the item. When we apply this rule the price of expensive clothing is much cheaper than this of cheap clothing in the long run.

Sometimes it’s difficult to justify buying one expensive piece of clothing especially if you are on a budget. But this investment is worth the money and we will be thankful for it in the long run.

Another reason why high quality clothing is durable is because it’s manufactured in smaller batches. This means more time and effort is invested in the making of every clothing item. Every detail of expensive clothing is done with great care and that is why usually lasts longer. Their tailoring is made as perfect as possible and that is why they are durable to tear and wear. Therefore expensive clothing is certainly worth the price.

It’s easy to mix and match expensive clothing


Most of us are probably can afford just one or two expensive items rather than 20 cheap ones. The smaller number of clothing items actually urges us to work with what we have when it comes to clothes matching instead of going out and buying the first thing on sale that catches our eye. That is why when we buy expensive clothing we are more likely to start searching for ideas to mix and match it with other clothes to achieve a new look every time.

This also makes us become pros at combing things together and create an amazing look with just a few simple items. It’s a good idea to buy a small number of high quality classic style clothes and build our look on their basis rather than owning a big number of poor quality fashionable clothes that will go out of style after a few wear outs and even fall apart.

Expensive clothing saves us time and money?!


This may sound contradictory but actually spending more money on a specific high quality item rather than a couple of cheap ones will be an economic solution and also our wardrobe will benefit from this choice.

At first the idea of buying cheap clothing may be tempting since we think we are saving money in this way. But in this way we are losing another valuable resource – time.

Instead of buying a new cheap dress for every upcoming occasion, it’s better to buy a simple elegant dress at high price that can be worn at different occasions when combined with stylish accessories and shoes for example. Buying one simple style clothing of high quality can definitely save us time and money in the long run.


When we buy multiple cheap items at the end results in the same sum that we will spend on one particular original item. The main difference is that these cheap clothes won’t be as comfortable for wearing as this one high quality dress for example.

Also the high quality item will outlast the low quality item and it will pay off for the invested money. In the case of classic clothes we also shouldn’t worry about them going out of style.


Investing in one or two expensive items seems a better idea than buying countless of cheap ones.  In this way we avoid spending time in going shopping every time we need an outfit.

We also win the peace of mind since there is no need to wonder what we are going to wear next time and the guarantee that the clothing piece we own will not fall apart after a few wears. Working around classic clothing pieces will guarantee us different look every time that is stunning.


For those of you who follow fashion stylists you probably have noticed they usually wear pretty basic clothing items that won’t go out of style even after a few years. That’s wise because classic and tasteful pieces not only last long period of time but they are easy for combining and look great when worn at different occasions.

Having a few classic items with high quality will help us have a core wardrobe. And this is the real key to always look great, super stylish and on point at every occasion.

Expensive clothes offer more comfort


This point simply cannot be denied. One of the main characteristics of high quality clothing is breathability, which is important especially in the warm weather.

Natural fibers found in high quality clothing breathe better than synthetic fibers. You cannot fake feeling good in a cheap clothing when you feel how much you are sweating when you wear them. When we feel comfortable wearing a certain clothing we will have the desire to wear it and wear it with pleasure at different occasions despite the fact it’s one and the same.

If a clothing keeps us more warm or cool depending on the weather this definitely makes us don’t feel very well. You will agree that wearing a cashmere sweater makes you feel better in comparison to wearing an ordinary sweater made of mostly low quality materials.

High priced clothing offers also a better fit since their cut of the pattern and way of stitching is done with attention to detail. When the fit is comfortable we feel more comfortable too. And when we feel uncomfortable we are less confident in our own skin which is not the thing we are striving for. When we feel comfortable wearing a specific clothing we won’t get the wish to replace it with the next best thing.

5.Lower chance of impulse buying


From a psychological stand point when we buy cheap clothing items at 20$ for example can make us more likely to practice continuous buying in the future. That’s because we think that since we have spent less money we can continue buying more clothes in the future.

But if we spend time in searching to buy an expensive piece of clothing we will be much more careful and put more thought in the process which will result in a more wisely made choice. Since we are going to spent more money on our purchase, we are more likely to do even some research of the brand and its products.

Thanks to this it’s possible that we won’t regret our choice after time. This will avoid the risk of impulse shopping and thus saving our budget. This may lead to buying things that we in fact don’t like pretty much and in the future we may not wear them pretty often due to the sheer fact that they are uncomfortable and make us feel unwell. And who wants to feel uncomfortable most of the time.

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